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Survivor Rally to End the Culture of Violence

Victims/Survivors/Family/Friends of trauma victims

New Iberia, LA, Thursday, December 27, 2012 Due to overwhelming response following the tragic death of Ada Nelson Berard at the hands of her husband, a memorial and rally to end the culture of violence will be held on January 5, 2013 at Bunk Johnson Plaza in the West End of New Iberia from 2-5pm. The event is open to the public and participants are encouraged to bring photos, flowers, candles, and other mementos of those whose lives have been changed or ended by domestic trauma. The rally is being held to remember the victims of domestic violence and take a stand against the culture of violence. Organizations specializing in working with victims and their families are encouraged to participate by helping to spread information, hope, and support. Bunk Johnson Plaza, the event location, is located at 500 Hopkins Street between Robertson St. and Field St. Individuals and organizations wishing to speak at the rally are encouraged to contact Joseph Battle at 337-335-9645.