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Painting with a Twist - Tailgating Tiger Style!!!

It's a little bit of paint, a little bit of wine, and a whole lot of fun!

Painting With A Twist provides the most fun and unique way of creating a personal masterpiece in a relaxed and social environment. The twist is that you can bring your favorite bottle of wine or beverage to enjoy during the class. Come alone or invite and your friends that also want to let their creativity flow and you're ready to give Monet a run for his money. Paint, canvas, and brushes are all provided, as is an experienced and enthusiastic local artist who can lead you step by step through the process of recreating the feature picture. From landscapes, abstracts and cityscapes, to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings and florals, brush stroke after brush stroke will bring you closer to completing your own brillant creation. Reserve your spot today online or call 337-560-0009