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Mike Super

When was the last time you experienced a live, theatrical show that magically amazed YOU as well as your family? Let NBC’s star magician MIKE SUPER transform YOU from a parent, into your child’s best friend! Take part in a MAGICAL, theatrical experience sophisticated enough for adults, cool enough for teens and completely engaging for children’s imaginations. Mike Super’s magic bridges generation gaps, unifying families, with memories that will last a lifetime. See your child float in mid air… See your mother in law disappear… MORE AMAZINGLY see your teen smile! :) The real secret to Mike Super’s magic is that his performance entertains on multiple levels! Each individual enjoys the show in completely different ways, and the result is a personal yet shared, magical experience you’re whole family becomes immersed in! Get your tickets NOW, before they disappear! The Magic of Mike Super – where mystery and families MAGICALLY come together! *Magician/illusionist Mike Super has garnered many prestigious awards and honors, including being the ONLY magician in history to win a live magic competition on primetime television. He also recently made Ellen DeGeneres materialize from nothing but shadows on her very own talk show! Named 2012 “Entertainer of the Year”, 2011“Entertainer of the Year,” Super is also the recipient of the” Best Performing Artist of the Year,” “Best Novelty Performer of the Year,” and voted America’s “Favorite Mystifier” on NBC’s hit TV show “PHENOMENON.”
Date & Time
  • February 8, 2014
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM
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