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Blitz Dance Competition

Blitz Dance Competition Dec. 7th,& 8th 2013 Time 8:00 A.M. To Be Held At Sugar Cane Festival Building 600 Parkview Dr. New Iberia LA 70560 Contact 337-967-1360 Mail: 2810 East Old Spanish Trail New Iberia LA. 70560 Email: Category Ballet / Pointe Hip Hop Tap Lyrical / Modern / Contemporary Jazz Areas Solo Duet / Trio Group (4 or more) Divisions Mini * 5 years and under Beginner * 6 to 9 years Junior * 10 to 14 years Senior * 15 years and up Must be at the age on day of competition AT least 50% of dancers in each routine must be of that age. Routine Time All routines must be 2min. 45 sec. A one- point (1) deduction will be made for every five (5) seconds routine exceeds the time limit. Props General props are permitted. NO dangerous props. (Fire, sharp objects) Advance T-shirts==$20.00 Advance video of your school only $30.00 $35.00 the day of competition. Concisions will be sold CDs only!! NO other formats will be excepted. CDs must be clearly labeled with title of music, studio, the number blitz gives the studio, name, division, category, areas. Only 1 song per CD!!!!! CD’s will be returned after awards ceremony. CDs must be turned in at least 5 acts in advance. ASAP!!!! Make a backup in case of emergency!!! Fees Solos ===== $65.00 Duet/Trio Per. Person $45.00 Group =Per Person $25.00 All fees must be in by Oct. 28, 2013 Awards 1ST, 2nd and 3rd Awards in each Category, Areas and Divisions (i.e. Tap, duo/trio, jr.1st, 2nd, 3rd). 180 Basic awards will be handed out!! Overall winners in each division (4 trophies) Rules Entries are accepted on first come first served basis and a competition can be limited due to the amount of time allowed during a weekend. Only top qualified judges will be selected for the competition. The scores and comments reflect the opinion of the judges and not the opinions of BLITZ directors and staff. Good behavior must be exhibited at all times. All routines must be suitable for family viewing. If judges feel that any material is unacceptable in any way, it will result in the loss of entry fees and awards No smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed at this event. All dancers must perform in at least 50% of their routine. A five (5) point deduction will be made if routine is not completed. You must be able to provide proof of age for each contestant. NO videotaping or flash cameras at any time. You will be asked to leave the event. An adult representative must agree to sign a release to acknowledge full responsibility that will release Blitz Dance Competition, and all associates from all contracts, clams, suits, and liabilities for damages or injuries of any kind resulting from any sort of participation at BLITZ Dance Competition. All protests must be made in writing by the teacher prior to the awards ceremony.

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December 7, 2013


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