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Prepare for Change: Uranus-Taurus Cycle

On May 15, a new cycle began. Uranus moved into Taurus. The last time this occurred was in 1934, meaning this cycle is a big one for all of us. When a slow moving planet, like this one, changes signs, there is a huge shift that happens within countries, societies, communities, and for each of us personally.

In this workshop you will learn about the themes of this cycle as it relates to you personally as well as how our collective values are evolving. All of them shape our experiences.

Each participant will learn about:

  • How this cycle is shaping up to surprise them over the next seven years.
  • Where the big opportunities are lurking ahead that you don’t expect.
  • What area in your own life will be effected most.

Learning about others as well as exploring your own patterns will provide insight and set a tone of compassion and awareness as you move forward. It is not an easy time for our world, but we can prepare and make it easier on ourselves and those around us.