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Health Notes: Air Travel

Many people travel regularly by plane for work, and others travel occasionally for fun, or to visit friends and family. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to make air travel safer and more enjoyable.

The Harm of Sun Worshipping

Louisiana is touted as being one of the warmest and sunniest states. While many people are sun worshippers, what are the harms caused by the sun’s rays?

Health Notes: Allergies, Part 2

This month we’re continuing our discussion of the causes and cures of allergies.

Health Notes: Allergies

Allergies occur when your body overreacts to a substance that does not cause problems for most people.

Health Notes: Over The Counter Medications

Adult medications should not be given to children unless specifically indicated by your doctor.

Apps: Fun Fitness

If you've always used the excuse that you just don't have time to exercise, these apps provide the solution.

Doctors' Day

Honoring Acadiana's Doctors From Around The World

Health Notes: Brain Attacks

Everyone has heard of the term “heart attack”. This is a condition where the heart muscle gets decreased blood supply because of clogged blood vessels. A similar condition can occur in the brain and is referred to as a “brain attack” or a stroke.

Health Notes: Flu

Every year 130,000 people are hospitalized because of the flu, and 20,000 people die because of the flu and flu complications.

Sleep Time Apps

Getting the right amount of sleep also is crucial to a healthy life and sweet dreams have never been easier than with the Sleep Pillow app.
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