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Another New Year

Here are some wonderful choices to read!!!

December 2012 Book Review

Nothing beats getting cozy next to the fireplace and reading a good book. Read about some fabulous books here!

November 2012 Book Review

Books Make Great Gifts

Silver Anniversary 1987 - 2012

To commemorate Acadiana LifeStyle’s Silver Anniversary, our current and former editors and associate editors were asked to share their fondest memories.

October 2012 Book Review

Read any good books lately? We welcome your suggestions! Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations.

September 2012 Book Review

Books To Keep You Up At Night

Books, Bikinis And Beaches

No doubt you’ve seen these abominations of the English language on signs, want ads and even in newspapers. The most egregious error is in the use of the apostrophe as in a “Crawl In’s welcome” sign at a chiropractor’s office.

August 2012 Book Review

Julia Whitmire, the 16-year-old daughter of famed punk rock producer, Bill Whitmire, is found dead in her bathtub, wrists slit, a bottle of wine nearby and a hand written suicide note on her bed.