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Books: A Biography To Make You Think - And A Memoir To Make You Laugh

"Still Foolin' Em" by Billy Crystal will have you laughing and "Elizabeth and Hazel: Two Women Of Little Rock" by David Margolick will have you have you crying as you delve into the highs and lows of the subject matter.

Books: Two Compelling Reads

Joseph J. Ellis provides a riveting account of General George Washington's military prowess and brilliance in wars against the British empire and Claire Manes shares compelling descriptions of the Carville's leprosy hospital in our first two picks for October.

Books: Enjoy A Literary Feast

Double your reading pleasure and learn about literary legend Oscar Wilde in these two selections from Ray Morris, Jr. and Franny Moyle.

Books: Go From Thrills To Teaching!

Let your heart pound with an intriguing thriller from James Patterson and then calm down and let Ken Ludwig show you how to teach your child Shakespeare with these two book selections!

Books: Ready For Some Excitement?

Expect chills and thrills with these new selections from Pierre Lemaitre and veteran suspense novelist Scott Turow.

Books: Chilling Plot Twists And Thrillers

This month’s selection of books offer something for every taste. These two selections offer a surprise author and a seasoned favorite.

Books: Like Father, Like Daughter

Book Reviews by Ray Saadi

Books: Two More For The Beach

Book Reviews By Ray Saadi

Books: Two For The Beach

A recovering alcoholic becomes a murderer’s target in “A Drop of the Hard Stuff” by Lawrence Block and a former policewoman is on the run for her life in “No Way Back” by Andrew Goss . .

Like Father, Like Son

Stephen King and his son Joe Hill deliver 2 tales of horror in “Joyland” and “NOS4A2.” For more on how to get scared out of your wits, read Book Editor Ray Saadi’s reviews on the latest offerings from the reigning Titans of Terror!