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From the publisher - December 2012

Has the U.S. turned into a nation of apathetic people?

Silver Anniversary 1987 - 2012

To commemorate Acadiana LifeStyle’s Silver Anniversary, our current and former editors and associate editors were asked to share their fondest memories.

From the publisher - Oct. 2012

In your opinion, what steps should be taken to began reducing the National Debt?

Do The Math

Have you recently lost a great deal of weight? If so, care to share? Your story may be included in a future issue!

Stronger Together

South Louisiana Community College and Acadiana Technical College officially merged July 1, welcoming in an era of being more responsive to students, businesses and industry and to four-year colleges.

Stars Of Style! The Louisiana Sugar Cane Festival's Premier Event

Sugar is the number one agricultural product in Iberia Parish and the festival events put on every September celebrate the huge contribution the industry makes to our local economy.

Books, Bikinis And Beaches

No doubt you’ve seen these abominations of the English language on signs, want ads and even in newspapers. The most egregious error is in the use of the apostrophe as in a “Crawl In’s welcome” sign at a chiropractor’s office.

Social Lights: Stars Of Style-A Huge Success!

For a DVD with hundreds of photos call Photographer Mickey Delcambre at 365-5057. Price is only $25. Call Breaux's Flowers & Video Productions for your copy of the video of the Stars of Style 2012 Event at 364-6467. Price is only $25.