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A Bridal Tale

08/05/2016 ● By Christy Quebedeaux

Jackie & Doug Harsch – April 2, 2016

In This Issue: August 2016

08/05/2016 ● By Christy Quebedeaux

Check out Acadiana LifeStyle August 2016 Issue on stands today!

In This Issue: July 2016

07/01/2016 ● By Christy Quebedeaux

Check out Acadiana LifeStyle July 2016 Issue on stands today!

Women Making A Difference 2016

06/03/2016 ● By Christy Quebedeaux

Eight local women who work tirelessly to enhance all aspects of Acadiana.

Acadina LifeStyle's December 2014 Issue

12/02/2014 ● By Aimee Cormier

In This Issue

Acadiana LifeStyle's August 2014 Issue

08/01/2014 ● By Robert Frey

On Stands Now!

A Nurse at Normandy

07/02/2014 ● By Robert Frey

A lovely story of Julia Harvey Domengeaux of Lafayette, LA by way of Pennsylvania, PA. Little did she know that in the midst of war she would find a love transcending more than five decades!

Roadtrip Apps: Round 1

06/27/2014 ● By Aimee Cormier

See the best of America or look into the best in world music festivals, either way these apps will help you plan a great summer vacation.

Books For The History Lover

06/27/2014 ● By Aimee Cormier

WWI to present day economics will keep you up to date with current politics and daring events of the past.

Louisiana State Troopers’ Graduating Class

06/27/2014 ● By Aimee Cormier

Forty-Six Cadets Don The Badge After Completing The First Academy In Four Years