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Captivating Novels

From James Patterson and Ross Macdonald

Books: Truth Be Told

“Gone Girl” and “The Monogram Murders” prove that nothing is every as it seems.

Where History Meets Mystery

“Empire of Sin” and “An Officer and a Spy” combine historical elements with imaginative suspense.

Local And Noteworthy

Picture Perfect Murder And Lifetime Poetry

Murder Mystery And Forgiven Tormentor

Read about the consequences of Quinn Colson’s investigation in Atkins's novel and the inspirational story of a rescued soldier in the novel of Hillenbrand.

Boo! Charlie Brown's Happy Halloween

And Patterson's Unlucky 13

Writers and Authors

Conversations and Words

More Great Books

Kill the Heat with Chilling Mysteries

More Great Books

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More Great Reads

Kill the Heat with Chilling Mysteries