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In The August 2013 Issue Of Acadiana Lifestyle Magazine

We invite you to pick up the latest issue of Acadiana LifeStyle and use it as a guide to shopping, entertainment and leisure.

Stars Of Style 2013

Stars Of Style Generates $80,000 For LSCF&FA’s Children’s Parade

Books: Like Father, Like Daughter

Book Reviews by Ray Saadi

The Price Of A Tan

The best thing young and old alike can do for their skin this summer is protect themselves from harmful UV rays and from too much sun.

From The Publisher - July 2013

At one time or another most of us have been stuck having to pay the bill. It might have been a lunch with casual friends that ended up on one check and handed to us, or having to pay more than our fair share of a group purchase.

SPORTS – Winning The Game Of Life

Valuable life lessons are learned on the diamond, the field, the mat and the goal line.

Awesome Apps

Heading to Paris this summer but haven’t brushed up on your French lately? Or simply want to watch a movie you have not seen yet...

Social Lights July: The Big Easel

The Big Easel art show and sale was held June 8 in Town Square, River Ranch, Lafayette.

Books: Two For The Beach

A recovering alcoholic becomes a murderer’s target in “A Drop of the Hard Stuff” by Lawrence Block and a former policewoman is on the run for her life in “No Way Back” by Andrew Goss . .

Social Lights July: Delcambre Seafood & Farmer's Market

The Delcambre Seafood & Farmer’s Market was held June 1 near the Shrimp Festival grounds and the Port of Delcambre.

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