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Books - October 2018

10/09/2018 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

Louisiana Literature And A Few Famous Thrillers

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor

By Jeremiah Ariaz   (University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press $49.95)
“Join our procession,” one of the “Trail Riders” indicated with a wave to author Ariaz who had pulled his motorcycle off the road to let this group of horsemen pass. African American Trail Riding Clubs have their roots in the creole culture formed in South Louisiana in the 18 century and today offer opportunities for generations to celebrate and ride horseback. This oversized 152-page collection of Ariaz’ striking black and white photos will delight riders and readers alike.

By Margaret Simon, Anna Cantrell, Henry Cancienne • University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press ($19.95)   

More than a book of short, lovely poems, fascinating photos, illustrations and a sourcebook of our flora and fauna, this little hardcover, spinal bound volume is a workbook for readers with every entry backed by a lined blank page inviting reader to create their own poem or appreciation. It’s a wonderful gift for students as well as visitors anxious to learn about our bountiful and beautiful state.

Selected Poem of Everette Maddox
Edited by Ralph Adamo (UNO Press $16.95)

Editor Ralph Adamo recollects the best of Everette Maddox’s published work and introduces newly published poems (many definitely not for children) that contain an abundance of humor and poignant insights to living in New Orleans. Maddox longed for celebrity like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s, but found it unattainable. At one point he was so depressed a few friends suggested suicide but he responded, “That would miss the point.” Thankfully, he left behind the more than 100 poems here.

By Lee Child (Delacorte Press $28.99)

Jack Reacher is back on the road; thumb out, heading from Maine to California.  On an early ride he finds himself near the place where he believes his father was born and decides to check it out. Not too far away, a young Canadian couple heading for New York City is stranded when their car breaks down near a lonely motel where they appear to be the only guests.  Reacher fans will know immediately that he and the couple will meet up eventually, much to the distress of the strange motel operators. The adventure is on sale November 5 and is very much worth waiting for.

By John Grisham (Doubleday $29.95)

When war hero Pete Banning went into his Church one morning and shot and killed his pastor, Reverend Dexter Bell, friends and neighbors assumed he was unbalanced from his years as prisoner of the Japanese in WWII, surviving even the brutal and inhuman Bataan Death March. He admitted the murder, but steadfastly refused to say anything in his defense despite facing the death penalty at his trial for Murder in the First Degree. The fallout from his reticence would drastically affect his loved ones: his wife, confined to a mental institution and his two children in college, as well as his farm and the workers. Why won’t he speak?

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