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In This Issue: October 2018

09/28/2018 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

Pick up the October 2018 Issue where you will find the following stories:

On The Cover:

Shelby McIntyre wearing All About You and Jessica McGehee wearing Molly Michaels. The car is a 1976 Marathon Checker Cab owned by Ted McIntyre. See the full 2018 Fall Fashion Expose “On The Road” on Page 33 and read about the featured cars in “Hit The Highway” on Page 48. Photos by Fusion Photography. 


17  Warning Shots
      True Hunting Stories
20  By Faith
     Exploring Myths And Preservation Of Traiteurs
23  Optimistic Outlooks
     Local Economic Indicators For The Oil & Gas Industry
47  Meet The Models
48  Hit The Highway
     The Stories Behind The Cars
58  The Unwavering Rock
     Rock ‘n’ Bowl Opens In Lafayette

Cover Story

33   On The Road
       2018 Fall Fashion Expose

Cancer Advocates

27  Down South Heroes
     Locals Raising Funds For St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

29  Wigging Out For A Cause


6    Personality
10    Focus
14    HomeStyle
15    Contributors’ Corner
26    On Trend
54    Events
60    Books
61    Social Lights

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