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Books - September 2018

09/25/2018 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

From White House To Cabin To Bayou

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor

By Bill Clinton & James Patterson  (Knopf $30)

The story is narrated by President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan (in a voice reminiscent of an actual president of a few years ago.) Readers will learn a lot about the workings of a president’s day-to-day routine of appointments, meetings, phone calls and exceptionally this day, planning a defense against a possible impeachment. Except for that, matters move along in a business-like manner until author Patterson takes over and everything suddenly explodes in bullets and bombs. A perfect end of the summer read for the beach or armchair.

By Paul Tremblay  (William Morrow $26.99)   

Seven-year-old Wen is frightened by a strange man as she plays in the front yard of her family’s rented cabin. The man soon wins her trust with his smile and funny stories. Moments later, however, three other strangers appear carrying homemade weapons and demanding entrance to the cabin so they can talk to her parents. Saying they are there to save the world from the apocalypse the strangers force their way in and incapacitate the adults. Wen and her parents are left with no way out and fear the worse as the intruders become more and more menacing.

By Cristina Alger (Putnam $27)

Two women, their stories told in tandem, uncover an unexpected relationship as the men in their lives meet death in unexplained ways. Annabel, the doctor’s wife, is convinced her husband’s death in an airplane crash was no accident and sets out to prove it. Meanwhile, Marina, society journalist for a magazine, accepts one last assignment from her boss and mentor who then is suddenly murdered. As their stories, seemingly unrelated, begin to reveal sinister motives of perfidious and powerful enemies, both women find themselves in imminent danger.

MARK TO MURDER: Death In Budapest
By Moris Senegor (Trade Paper $20)

When Dr. Mark Kent, a famed San Francisco radiologist, receives an urgent message from his high school friend, Ahmet in Budapest, he rushes to meet him. Upon arriving, Mark hurries to Ahmet’s room where he finds him dead, murdered. Mark is instantly suspect and now in danger, both from the police and a gang of cutthroat killers who chase him down dark alleys and narrow streets. Senegor, a neurosurgeon by day, promises more about Dr. Kent.

By Ann Brewster Dobie (LSU Press $19.95)

Is there something you’d like to know about contemporary Louisiana authors, both already famous and some upcoming? Then sing the praises of Ms. Dobie who profiles writers James Lee Burke, Ernest Gaines, Tim Gautreaux, William Joyce and seven more already famous, as well as another seven up and coming authors who include two already well known to our readers: Wiley Cash and former New Iberia judge, Anne L. Simon. Not all of these writers were born here, but their connections to, and affection for, our state, bestow “Honorary Citizenship” upon them all.

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