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All The Rage

09/07/2018 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

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A Room For Wrecking

By Shanna P. Dickens

When I imagined myself crashing and smashing my way through All The Rage I envisioned the scene from “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie Parker completely unleashes on neighborhood bully Scut Farkus. I imagined heavy metal pounding in the background. Instead, there was a lot of giggling and even some full on doubled over laughter.

Kevin Richard and his wife Stacey Perry Richard opened All The Rage in Broussard in July. Since then, the Acadiana community has filed in to release their pent up aggression. The concept is simple. You choose a package, suit up, pick a “weapon,” walk into the rage room full of breakables and commence to showing those breakables what you’re made of.

“I tell every customer the rules, and there aren’t very many,” explains owner Kevin Richard. “I jokingly say, ‘the main rule we have here is that when I come back in the room, I don’t want to recognize anything.’”

The room looks like a vandalized construction site. Neon graffiti covers all of the walls and shimmering shards of glass gleam in the corners. Obviously, when you’re dealing with demolition for entertainment, safety is a top priority. Closed toed shoes are a requirement. Every participant will don a pair of coveralls, a pair of nitro gloves and pair of work gloves, a face shield and a hard hat. Then, you’ll chose from a variety of sledgehammers, baseball bats and golf clubs. When you walk into the room, the floor is strewn with liquor and wine bottles, computer towers, plates, glasses, lighting fixtures…your classic array of breakables.

“Even as a child, my dad had a TV and furniture rental business and whenever there was a TV in the Dumpster I would think… ‘I’m going to throw a rock at that,” Richard explains of the universal appeal of All the Rage. “At some point in their life, everyone has wanted to take a hammer to something. Everyone has thought about how they’d rather smash their sink full of dishes than wash them. This is your chance to do that.”

He’s right, even if you’ve never realized it, there has been a point in your life when you wanted to smash something. Be it that sink of dirty dishes, a picture of your ex, a faulty television or a liquor bottle like in the movies, which as Richard points out is not nearly as easy as it looks on screen. Yes, there is certainly a release of tension that comes with tossing a dish in the air and catching it with the tip of a baseball bat as it comes back down and watching it explode into confetti sized versions of itself. But there is also something joyous about it, like you’re getting away with something.

“You work up quite a sweat in there,” Richard elaborates. “It’s a good workout. People come out really happy. No one has gone in and come out angry or upset. They all come out lighter and happier.”

On their website,, they have a list of all the varieties of packages offered. Their most popular package has been “Date Night” aka couple’s therapy. A perfect option for the couple who is sick of dinner and movies. And of course, for those who are slightly annoyed with one another. There is also a BYOB package – Bring Your Own Breakables. If you’re cleaning out your house and want a fresh start…bring in all of your old stuff to smash. All The Rage also recommends pictures of exes, partly in jest.

The experience is customizable. The room is equipped with an auxiliary cord so that customers can plug in their phones and flood the room with their very own Rage playlist – from Rage Against The Machine to Taylor Swift. All The Rage has markers on hand so that those wishing to can write their biggest pet peeves or challenges on plates before they smash them. Imagine writing, for instance, cancer on a stark white plate and then having the chance to annihilate it with a sledgehammer. 

All The Rage calls itself a place “where you can collect your thoughts, project your anger, and stress onto breakable items.” It’s also a place where you are allowed to be reckless and silly and make a huge mess!

Rage on.

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