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Books - July 2018

07/13/2018 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor


By Jo Nesbø (Hogarth Shakespeare $27)
If you thought you’d left Macduff, Duncan, Macbeth and his Lady back in High School, think again. They’re back! Nesbø creates their counterparts in a modern thriller. Here police Commissioner Duncan, who determinedly attempts to rid his industrial town of drugs and dealers, is murdered by his friend, Macbeth, whose ambition to replace him is driven by his wife, “Lady” who runs the only casino in town. Rough, gritty, inventive and any similarities to the original are purely intentional.


By Karen Kingsley & Lake Douglas     
(University of Virginia $29.95)   
The only thing better than a guidebook to a city is one that not only describes where things are and how to get there, but also identifies what they are and, perhaps, who occupies them. So instead of asking, “What’s that building?” you pick up this guide, incredibly filled with information on every interesting building, commercial and residential, in and about the city. Next time you visit New Orleans, take one with you.


By Barbara Ehrenreich (12 Twelve $27)
Take a closer look at the cover image of death on the treadmill.  That’s an image the author uses to describe her theory that we work too hard to live longer, rather than better. What’s the point she seems to ask? Why not just enjoy the time allotted to you and exit when called? Now, I don’t believe she intends you throw out your pills, cancel doctor appointments and gym classes, etc. Ms. Ehrenreich, as I understand her theory, is all for living a healthy and enjoyable life, while it lasts, naturally, foregoing all drastic measures to set a longevity record.


Rogers & Hammerstein
By Todd S. Purdum (Henry Holt $32)
As soon as I opened this book I swear I could hear: “Oh What a Beautiful Morning,” (Oklahoma); “Some Enchanted Evening,” (South Pacific); “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” (Carousel). The stories, music and lyrics of Rogers and Hammerstein began with their breakthrough musical, “Oklahoma” creating a Broadway Revolution. Author Purdum has filled this duo bio with colorful stories and anecdotes particularly on the working relationship of these two musical geniuses. With pages of personal photos and show scenes, it’s an absolute delight for any lover of Broadway Musicals.


By Ben Dolnick (Pantheon $25.95)
When Nick and Hannah, in love and engaged to marry, find themselves “burned out” in New York City, they jump at the chance to move to a tiny town where Hannah lands a job as Director of the local museum dedicated to the rich old man who founded it and who left behind a trove of notebooks describing appearances of Ghosts. Ha! Who believes in ghosts? Hannah begins to believe when she hears them at night. One morning, Nick awakens to find Hannah gone and a search begins following clues in those notebooks.  It’s a perfect prep for Halloween.


(Life & Writings of Thomas Merton)
By James Martin, SJ, Robert Barron & Others (Ave Maria Press $16.95)
Readers who have longed for a more accessible understanding of the writings of Thomas Merton should find the answers in this excellent collection.

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