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From Scratch - June 2018

06/15/2018 09:35AM ● Published by Robert Frey

Cayenne Watermelon Gazpacho

My hubby and I went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Destin, Vin’tij, for his birthday dinner last week. This place doesn’t disappoint, ever. They are located in a very unassuming shopping center near the Silver Sands Outlet in Miramar Beach. This place is a local treasure of the best of what can be done with the freshest foods around.

This evening Vin’tij offered a Cayenne Watermelon Gazpacho. Tim ordered a bowl as a starter and we were wow’ed! Tim took one bite and said, “Honey, you have to figure this one out. I’ll get you a spoon.” We cleaned the bowl and I studied the gazpacho’s flavor profile. Did I land it exactly? No, I didn’t. My Cayenne Watermelon Gazpacho is different and enough the same. Tim loved it, and really, that’s all that matters, right?

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