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Mysteries For May

05/18/2018 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey
By Peter Swanson (William Morrow $26.99)
On the eve of his college graduation, Harold learns his father is dead. Bypassing the graduation ceremonies, he hurries home where he soon realizes his father’s young widow is coming on to him just as police determine that the father’s “accidental” death might actually be a homicide. The plot cruises along a steady pace until, all at once, everything explodes into a frightening expose.’

By James Patterson & Candice Fox (Little, Brown $28)
Harriet Blue is a strong willed advocate of her brother’s innocence of three murders, and she’ll do anything to prove his innocence, including physically attacking the prosecutor. For that she’s sent to a distant outpost where all residents are about to be exterminated. She has about a fifty-fifty chance of saving them and that’s being generous.

RICHARD ROHR - Essential Teachings on Love
Selected by Joelle Chase & Judy Traeger (Orbis $22)
Fans of Fr. Rohr’s writings will be happy to know that this collection will go on sale later this month and with its’ singular theme of Love in all its’ manifestations should find a welcome place in every home and bedside.

By Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard  (Henry Holt & Co. $30)
The writers have teamed up to write a series of interesting and informative books on history and this is one of their best. We know how our young country with it’s fledging military defeated the mighty English forces to win America’s independence. But the co-authors make the story come alive with fascinating personal facts about the individuals involved.

ANDREW JACKSON & The Miracle of New Orleans
By Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger (Sentinel Books $28)
In this, our “Second War of Independence”, (the British never learned,) we again had to fight the world’s mightiest forces with another ragtag army and navy. We won again thanks to Andrew Jackson, and our knowledge of the bayous and swamps surrounding New Orleans, not to forget the unstinting, nonstop prayers of the Ursuline Nuns. Whether prayers or platoons, the right guys won again.

The Deal of a Lifetime
By Fredrik Backman (Atria Books $18)
This slim volume takes only a couple of hours to read…unless I’ll bet, you stop to contemplate the story of a man; a father, dying of cancer in a hospital where he observes a five year old girl, also dying, but with a different kind of cancer and attitude. A great success in business but a failure as a father he only now, in this soliloquy, speaks to his absent son.

By Ray Celestin (Source Books Landmark $14.99)

THE AXEMAN of New Orleans
By Miriam C. Davis (Chicago Review Press $26.99)
Two books: Same Title; Same Subject; one, a novel; the other; “the true story”. Both about the string of murders between 1910 and 1919 in New Orleans; the victims, primarily Italian grocers, killed in their own homes with their own axes. So, who was, or were, the killer(s)? No one knows for sure. The crimes remain unsolved.