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Books - April 2018

04/13/2018 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

By Steve Cavanagh  (Flatiron Books $26.99)
Perfect for fans of locked door mysteries: a woman is murdered, shot to death and left in a locked room while her lover, billionaire computer guru, drives away only to be hit head-on with a drunk driver. Police find a gun in his car, the ballistics matching the girl’s wounds, and he is arrested while vehemently denying ever owning that gun or any gun. At this point federal government officials get involved, hiring ex con, now lawyer, Eddie Flynn, to get the accused to plead guilty. But, is he? And will Flynn follow orders? Very unlikely. Fast paced and action packed from beginning to end.

By Willy Vlautin (Harper Perennial $22.99)
A modern day prodigal son story of an aging sheep farmer, his wife and a teenage worker whose only ambition is to become a championship boxer. Eventually, he leaves the farm, hitchhiking his way from town to town, trainer-to-trainer, manager-to-manager, some honest, some not so. He wins some matches, loses more and begins to ache for a return to the farmer, fearing all the while that he won’t be welcomed back.

By Stuart Neville (SOHO Crime $26.95)
Car dealer Henry Garrick apparently ended his life after being maimed in an accident five months before. An open and shut case, police decide, until Detective Serena Flanagan arrives and suspects foul play. Meanwhile, Garrick’s widow seeks solace from the rector of the local church who himself is in need of counseling and surprisingly receives it from Flanagan.

By Jefferson Bass  (William Morrow $26.95)   
One of the cruelest, most horrific murders ever written is investigated by Dr. Bill Brockton, the characterization of real-life Bill Bass, famed anthropologist and creator of the Body Farm at University of Tennessee. Co-written with Jon Jefferson, the Body Farm series showcase cases similar to those portrayed on TV’s CSI. More frightening for Brockton is the threat from escaped killer Satterfield to kill him and every member of his family.

By Elson Trahan (Portier Gorman
Publications $20)                          
Elson fondly remembers growing up on Grand Isle in the 40s and 50s and fills page after page with nostalgic stories of his grandparents and other family members who made simple life sublime. Without electricity and gas, life was tough, but they were tougher. Not every day brought sunshine he remembers, as major hurricanes often threatened to wash the island away. Now, hotels and elaborate camps attract visitors from New Iberia, Lafayette and beyond. To buy a copy, call (985) 632-3023.   

By Fr. Ronald Rolheiser (Paraclete Press $10.99)
One of life’s saddest experiences is to learn a relative or friend has committed suicide, leaving us asking why. “Fr. Rolheiser gently dismantles the age-old myths and taboos associated with suicide and gives brokenhearted survivors of suicide loss, genuine reasons for hope.”

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