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From Scratch - March 2018

03/16/2018 02:31PM ● Published by Robert Frey

Honey Sriracha Spareribs And Sneaky Coleslaw

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Srriracha Honey Spareribs

My Saturday morning routine includes visits to two great Lafayette farmers markets. First I go to the Oil Center to the Lafayette Hub City Market for milk and cream from Hill Crest Creamery, and vegetables, eggs, beef, and chicken from the Market Basket,  Gotreaux Family Farms, and Brookshire Farm. I can buy many of my weekly staples here. It’s super easy to park and shop, and there’s a nice diversity of vendors. From raw sugar to locally grown fruit preserves to freshly roasted coffee and kombucha, organic breads, and fermented vegetables, it’s by far my favorite farmers market.

Then I often go to the Lafayette Horse Farm Market. My go-to vendor here is Inglewood Farm for vegetables and their insanely delicious pork. The greens, bacon and spareribs for this week’s menu came from Inglewood. I round out my grocery shopping trifecta at Whole Foods and then head back to the woods.

When I was at Inglewood’s stand, I was hoping to get some pork tenderloin, but it was sold out. Alicia (who’s almost always at the booth on Saturdays) suggested the spareribs. Good call! They were delicious, and we had them twice that week testing out the Honey Sriracha Spareribs recipe. The technique is one I’ve used with great success from the giant Doubleday cookbook. With this repeat post, I’m updating my original iPhone photos and used country-style ribs for the latest version of the recipe.


The ribs start out in a 350F degree oven, seasoned only with salt pepper, roasting for 45 minutes. Then the ribs are sauced and allowed to marinate for 3-4 hours in the turned-off oven. The final roasting takes an hour and a half. It’s worth the wait. And you can make the recipe in two stages if you’d like to serve them during the week after a long busy day.

The glaze is a sweet, spicy, citrus combination I hope you like as much as I do. It’s a nice change from a dry rub and smoke or barbecue sauce.


And for some crispy crunch, there’s my sneaky sauerkraut coleslaw. Naturally fermented sauerkraut is easy to find, contains an abundance of nutrients, and is a probiotic/immune-system boost that we all need. With the richly delicious pork and bracing greens, it’s a winning combo.

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