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From Scratch - Detox Soup

01/23/2018 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

Vegan Vegetable and Turmeric Soup 

By Alison Howard of Savoring Presence 

I planned a healthy Thanksgiving free of the usual suspects gluten, dairy and sugar and I still felt like a detox was in order. I suppose it is because of the quantity of food I consumed. Really, it was so delicious but it came with a price. I felt stuffed. I was over served and the discomfort was looming. When you know what it feels like to live clean and feel clean you can’t stand to feel any other way. 

Monday, I threw in the towel. Thanksgiving was behind me and the detoxing began. What a better way to detox than to jump on the vegetable super highway? The dilemma is I know that by committing to a day or more of a vegan diet I’d have to consume a lot of food to sustain my active lifestyle. Those days, it feels like I am eating all day which seems counterproductive to detoxing. However, it's not. Feeling hungry is the worst and I don’t just get hungry. I get “hangry.” 

Baked sweet potatoes and roasted vegetables galore. In addition, I made a Vegan Detox Vegetable and Turmeric Soup. I was thrilled with the outcome and I am happy to share it with you here.

This soup is one I could eat over and over again. It’s packed with nutritious vegetables and it’s filling. Happy detoxing anytime your body craves a clean out. 

Check out the full recipe here!

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