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Exciting New Books For The New Year

01/23/2018 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

Book Review January 2018

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor


By James Lee Burke (Simon and 

Schuster $27.99)

New Iberia Detective Dave Robicheaux is back after four long years, haunted by the death of his beloved wife, Molly, killed in a head on auto crash, which he cannot accept as an accident. When the driver of the other car is brutally murdered, Dave is the suspected killer. He is supported by his friend, Clete Purcell and his daughter, Alafair, but disturbed by a new and grisly killer. Burke once again populates his book with colorful characters and flowing prose. 

The GHOST ARMY of World War II

By Rick Beyer & Elizabeth Sayles 
(Princeton Architectural Press $40

How fake tanks, trucks, jeeps, recorded sounds and 1100 men pretending to be thirty thousand, totally fooled the Germans into thinking Patton’s Sixth Armored Division was planning an attack far from the actual target. Termed the “Cecil B. DeMille” Deversion, it performed for 9 months fooling even some American troops. The World War II Museum in New Orleans has several exhibit photos of the ghost army as well as additional techniques used to deceive the German forces making it another good reason to visit.  



By Dean Koontz (William Morrow $26.99)

Koontz’ exciting new FBI agent Jane Hawk, introduced in this Summer’s “Silent Corner”, met with such acclaim the publisher rushed out this sequel, “Whispering Room”. Hawk follows up her investigation into her husband’s bewildering suicide as well as a rash of other suicides. More urgently, she’s in a race to save her own life from unknown assassins. Count on reading and seeing more of Jane soon.


By Dan Brown (Little, Brown $29.95)

Harvard professor Robert Langdon, anxiously awaits the revelation by a former student who claims to have discovered answers to two of the fundamental questions of human existence. Unexpectedly, chaos erupts, sending Langdon on a perilous quest to unlock the secrets.


By Chris R. Armstrong with C.S. Lewis (Brazos Press 19.99)                             

This is a remarkably accessible look back to a forgotten age of which not enough was previously available. The author utilizes insights of C.S. Lewis to help illuminate the Dark Ages, 500-1000. Wonderfully informative.

MARTIN LUTHER Renegade and Prophet

By Lyndal Roper (Random House $40)

It’s only 500 years ago that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg Church door. Mainly known for his attack on the sale of indulgencies by the church and others, the Theses mostly addressed other criticisms and recommendations. Incredibly, from that single bold act the Protestant Reformation was born.


By James Patterson (Little, Brown $29)

Alex Cross is charged with the cold-blooded killing of unarmed men encouraging the press to once again scream police brutality. There’s no way Alex is guilty despite a video clearly showing the victims were unarmed. Alex, on suspension, ignores orders so as to help his partner solve a heinous crime against young girls.

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