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Beach Books Move Inside

10/06/2017 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

Book Review - October 2017

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor


By John Burley 

(William Morrow $15.99)

Citizens of the little town of Cottonwood, California are falling ill and dying and blaming 6-year-old Danny McCray who, although physically able, can’t speak. When he and his older brother are kidnapped, only their father and the sheriff care enough to search. Gripping and frightening with a surprising ending.


By Karo Hamalainen 

(SOHO Crime $25.95)

What “Mikko” has in mind for dinner at his once-best friend Robert’s lavish apartment is…murder. His wife, Veera and Robert’s trophy wife, Elise, round out the quartet who trade barbs, quips and stinging critiques. At the end of the evening, only one of the four will survive. A clever novel of suspense.


1924 The Year That Made Hitler

By Brian Doyle (Orbis Books $16)

Adolph Hitler spent 1924 in prison for his part in the failed “Beer Hall Putsch”, writing his manifesto, “Mein Kampf,” his vision of a Third Reich. The depressed German economy had “some groups longing for a strongman” and Hitler obliged. What followed was another war to “end all wars.”



By Amy Stewart  (HMH $26 each.)

Author Stewart adds two new volumes in her popular series featuring real life deputy sheriff, Constance Kopp. Cheering from the sidelines are her sisters; one raising pigeons for the war effort and the other dreaming of being an actress. What followed was another war to “end all wars.”


By David Baldacci (Grand Central 

Publishing $29)                                   

When a man walks up to a woman in front of FBI Headquarters, shoots her in the head and then himself, Detective Amos Decker, who witnessed it all, determines to find out why. The story moves at breakneck speed with no flashbacks, no interruptions, just a linear story beginning to end. Baldacci is brilliant, his writing superb and compelling.


By Karen LeBlanc Pour Babaee 

(Xulon Press $19.99)

In this wonderful little book, the author takes us from France through Acadiana and down Bayou Lafourche; passing Thibodaux, Lockport, Larose, (her birthplace,) along the way to Grand Isle. Delightful stories, poems, songs, illustrations and photos celebrate our land and people.


By Don Miguel Ruiz  

(Amber-Allen Publishing $12.95)

Tom Brady claims to read this every year or two. Could that have to do with his come from behind victory in the Super Bowl? The four agreements: “Be impeccable with your word; “Don’t take anything personally; Don’t make assumptions; and, Always do your best.”   



By Mike Aquilina (Sophia Press $14.95)

Aquilina describes the cruelties and slavery of the Roman government as well as the immensely popular chariot races. More interestingly, he lets us see Jesus the way other people at that time may have seen him, as a young carpenter. 

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