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08/18/2017 09:13AM ● Published by Christy Quebedeaux

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Untraditional Wedding Day Dishes

By Sherise Henry

Among the many details that make your wedding day unique, the meal you serve leaves an impression that is spoken of almost as often as your dress. So what do you do to make a mark on your guests’ memories and palates, the options are endless.  

The suggests making the meal as personal as your relationship. “Share the story of your relationship through your menu by serving dishes inspired by special moments, memories or things you love to do together. It could be serving craft beer from the city where you met, poutine that reminds you of your trip to Montreal or paella because it was the first meal your fiancé tried to cook for you (and burnt, but you ate it anyway). Do what speaks to you as a couple, and you know would be crowd-pleasers.”

Other ideas include having the wedding catered by the restaurant where he proposed. You can do something cross-cultural, and have a menu themed with the location where you plan spend your destination honeymoon. What if your best date was a picnic? Have the most decadent sandwiches along with wine and cheese as your reception menu. Or what if you and your fiancé agree that breakfast is your favorite meal of the day? Serve pancakes and waffles and have a brunch style reception. Whatever theme you choose, it’s important to know where to get it catered and find a chef that can add detail or expand your ideas of having unique food options for your big day. 

Angie O’Bryan of Bon Temps Grill in Lafayette knows how important the menu is for any celebration, especially a wedding. “I think it’s pretty important because the bride and groom are trying to make an impression and there are guests from out of town. You want everybody to feel comfortable and celebrated.”

O’Bryan says they can provide menu suggestions for the bride and groom or cater to the couple’s imagination. A stroll through Pinterest or Martha Stewart weddings can result in anything from the wacky to the refined. For example, have you ever thought of having a taco bar at your wedding? It’s an inexpensive way to provide the works as far as options. Just grab a tortilla at one end of the bar and explore dozens of choices on how to dress it. You may be also interested in a mash potato bar. You can serve the mash potatoes in the most elegant of dishware to class it up a bit and let your guests use their own imagination in what meats vegetables and toppings suit their taste buds. Don’t’ know which flavor to pick for a wedding cake? Serve donuts. They can even be tiered to look like a wedding cake and arranged so that you can place a cake topper on it. 

“We’ve done a lot of different themed weddings over the years that fit the couple’s personalities. We’ve been asked to do Asian, Mediterranean, barbeque, brunch they’re really not limited on what we can provide,” says O’Bryan.  “The brides now see so many things on Pinterest, and we customize it to whatever they want.”  

O’Bryan says Bon Temps grill has experienced a couple’s imagination in the past and know what it’s like to cater nontraditional wedding receptions. “We’ve roasted a whole pig before, chargrilled oysters, we’ve done action stations where we have seared tuna steaks and made tuna salads in front of the guests.”  

 Action stations, she says, are a popular, but more expensive option for those wanting to do something different. At an action station the food is cooked in front of the guests and it’s always a crowd pleaser. “The action stations have a big ‘wow’ factor. They are a bit pricier, but the guests are pleased. It would roughly cost about $10 more per head to go with this option.”

Another way to make your meal memorable is to focus on the location of what you are serving. O’Bryan says lately they have had an increase of requests for catering at venues that have what she describes as rustic elegance. “One of the most challenging things for us is when we go to a family’s property where there is no kitchen and we have to bring our own equipment. We’ve been to barns before.” 

O’Bryan recalls one memorable reception that relied on Cajun culture to wow their guests. “We did a station at the reception that served grilled sausage, grilled boudin, fried boudin balls and crackling,” she says. They have also served plenty of elegant items as well, like semi-deboned quail over mirliton. 

Regardless of what you serve, there are a few wedding menu basics to follow when planning your big day. If you want a more established catering company you should expect to spend about $20 a head. That’s based on a budget with little menu restrictions and plenty of options. O’Bryan recommends that it’s wise to check with a catering company when you set your wedding date to make sure that the date isn’t already booked. However, when it comes to setting your menu and making changes to it, her restaurant can tweak a menu as close as three weeks to the day of the wedding. 

Proper planning and lots of good help are great ingredients when it comes to pulling off the perfect wedding. 

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