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Summer Reading

06/16/2017 08:44AM ● By Robert Frey

Action Adventures

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor



The Complete Collected JACK REACHER Short Stories

By Lee Child   (Delacorte Press $27)

For fans of Jack Reacher, there’s never enough. This collection of 12 short stories should satisfy even diehard readers until his next novel appears (hopefully soon.) I especially welcomed the story of his childhood with brother Joe and his Dad. Even at 13 and nearing his full height and weight, he was solving crimes and overwhelming bullies. Other stories find him in the usual settings; arriving in little towns he never heard of and almost immediately discovering crime and corruption that he quickly cleans up. It’s standard Reacher, and may he never change. 



By Charles Todd 

(William Morrow $26.99)                                         

Five English soldiers, survivors of WW1’s fiercest battles, meet to celebrate the war’s end by racing their automobiles from Paris to Nice. What they didn’t expect was an unknown assailant’s attempts to kill each of them during the race. Scotland Yard’s top Inspector, Ian Rutledge, arrives to investigate only to be stonewalled by the racers and townspeople, leaving him to his own devices to find the killer. 

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