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Women Making A Difference 2017

06/02/2017 07:00AM ● By Christy Quebedeaux

    Dancing backwards in high heels…or flats, tennis shoes, flip-flops or work boots. The footwear is irrelevant; it’s that dancing backward part, the endless hours of dedication to careers, families, passions and their community. Every day, the women within Acadiana give of themselves and execute balancing acts with such finesse it would make tightrope walkers jealous. 

    This is the 14th Annual Women Making A Difference feature. Each year, Acadiana LifeStyle is inundated with nominations for women who are humanitarians, philanthropists, activists and movers and shakers. Narrowing it down to eight honorees is no easy task. 

Each of these women has stories that are moving and inspiring. Their paths are varied. But their end goals are the same – to create a strong and progressive community to be upheld for years to come.

    Join us as we celebrate the work of Tabitha Abshire, Christa Billeaud, Tara Breaux, Suzanne DeMahy, Leah Graeff, Morgan Olivier, Marcia Patout and Jenny Toups.

Jenny Toups 



Leah Graeff



Tabitha Abshire 



Suzanne DeMahy 



Tara Breaux 



Christa Vega Billeaud



Marcia Patout 



Morgan Olivier 



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