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Delightfully Ordinary And Highly Exciting

06/02/2017 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

Books For The Beach

By Ray Saadi, Book Editor



By Roland Merullo (Doubleday $26.95)

Imagine, if you will, the Pope and the Dalai Lama stealing out of the Vatican under cover of night to roam the Italian countryside disguised as ordinary tourists. The fictional plot is a whimsical, inventive and a delightful adventure, notwithstanding the stimulating religious discussions and insights. Adding to the fun are the pope’s first cousin and personal assistant, Paolo and his estranged wife, Rosa, who creates disguises for the two holy men. Meanwhile, news reports of their disappearance dominate worldwide airwaves and newspapers with more misinformation than facts, including promise of a fabricated five- million euro reward for information on their whereabouts. 



By Greg Iles (William Morrow $28.99)

Readers who’ve followed the fates of Penn Cage, his father, family and friends in the previous two volumes, “Natchez Burning” and “The Bone Tree” will welcome this final chapter in the trilogy. Penn’s father, Tom, the town’s beloved physician, faces trial for the murder of his former nurse, Viola, who, suffering with incurable cancer, has returned to Natchez after 40 years away, to die under Tom’s care. Did doctor Tom illegally help end her suffering? A jury must decide after sitting through one of the longest and most sensational trials ever written. Remarkably, this volume can stand-alone even if you’ve missed the first two, but you’ll have missed a lot.

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