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04/26/2017 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

Gallery: 2017 Interior Décor Trends [10 Images] Click any image to expand.

2017 Interior Décor Trends      

By Hailey Hensgens Fleming 

Just like the seasons, trends come and go. This year, interior décor trends are narrowing the gap between modern and vintage while maintaining an overall push towards functionality. Breaking from sterility and sharp edges, designers are integrating more organic inspired materials and colors that bring comfort and warmth to living spaces. If your home could use a little pick-me-up, the tips below may be just the inspiration you’re looking for. 


In recent years, indoor paint colors have trended towards lighter, more neutral tones with understated warmth. According to Bridgette Romero, co-owner of Bayou Paints, shades of gray like Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter have dominated common areas lending to a more airy, clean and minimalist look. Although still widely popular, 2017 will signal the beginning of a warming trend. Benjamin Moore’s 2017 color of the year, Shadow, and Sherwin William’s color, Poised Taupe, have maintained that neutral tendency, but with new warmer complexities. Combined with organic influences and weathered finishes these trending hues offer a color palette that is both classic and modern. 


When it comes to kitchens, the color white has been foremost from coast to coast. Though the clean, minimalistic look has been most popular, wood accents have begun infiltrating the scene providing much needed warmth. By combining white cabinets and backsplashes with wood accents, like butcher-block counter tops or naturally stained wood islands, you can maintain that clean finish while creating a comfortable, southern space. 


Where fashion trends go, interiors often follow and a bold new world of mixed patters is on the horizon. Combined with trending neutral wall colors, a punch of geometric and colorful patterns is a perfect way to add interest and depth to any space. However, proceed with caution. Mixing patterns can often be a tricky business. To prevent a mix matching mishap Michelle Broussard of Michelle Broussard Interiors offers this advice, “First, pick one pattern you love and then work off of that. One pillow or a set of curtains can act as inspiration for an entire room.” Homeowners can then draw on that original pattern to select a corresponding pattern possibly using some of its original colors to help tie it all in.  Lastly, she adds, “Different textures, like linens and velvet, sometimes help those patterns work together.” 


Gone are the days of shiny and smooth espresso colored hardwoods. Homeowners are overwhelmingly shifting to a more weathered, rustic look for their flooring. The trend to go lighter has even pervaded this area creating a new demand for hardwoods with a white or grey wash as well. Not only does this make a living space more airy and comfortable, but also functional because it easily hides scratches and imperfections. Unfortunately, these weathered finishes often put a greater strain on the checkbook. For a more economical option, Mike Andrus of Ronnie’s Flooring recommends a new luxury vinyl planking that is quickly phasing out laminate flooring due to its water resistant PVC core. He explains, “It’s basically a vinyl plank that looks just like wood. They come in all textures, finishes, sizes and colors, giving you that look for less money.” 


Although it’s anything but new, Carrara white marble is gaining new life in 2017 as it permeates nearly all facets of interior design. Whether on kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom tiles or bar trays this classic look offers a stately elegance that is difficult to resist. However, the maintenance marble requires has several buyers turning to more cost-effective engineered quartzite that mimics marble and can better withstand heat and acidity. When it comes to a choice between the two, Michelle Broussard explains, “It’s a matter of having a European mindset of letting marble age gracefully with the wear and tear of life. Or, you get something like the Cambria Ella quarts that looks like marble without all the upkeep.” She adds, “It’s a personal choice in design based on your lifestyle.” 


With multiple styles, materials, colors, and sizes to choose from, the backsplash has been one of the most important aspects of a kitchen remodel for decades. Although subway tiles are still the hottest thing in kitchen backsplashes, 2017’s tile trend is all about experimenting with new shapes – specifically narrow rectangles, hexagons and even arabesques. These geometric shapes and soft, gentle curves create a modern, but classic alternative to traditional subway tile. Although it has become most common to use a tone-on-tone baroque tile or a uniform color, designers can experiment with a variety of colors and finishes to either blend in or make a statement. They can even go a step further and add high contrast grout, causing these new tile shapes to really pop. Mike Andrus advises buyers to consider the overall aesthetic when selecting tile. “It’s a matter of do you want it simple or do you want it busy.” he says. For those wanting to think further outside of the box, he recommends trying to run the tile vertically rather than horizontally for an added effect. 


In the New Year, tile is also being used to create focal points that bring an overall ambiance to the kitchen. Homeowners can make a statement by covering an accent wall with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall tile rather than the traditional backsplash. For those hoping to achieve this look, Michelle Broussard advises to take the size of the wall and the size of the tile into account. “On a larger wall you should go with larger tile and vice versa. This will probably be more cost effective and also less busy,” she says.  


Deep jewel tones are bringing a
touch of drama to living spaces in 2017. “If you’re going to have color in the room it’s going to be an emerald green, navy blue or amethyst,” says designer Michelle Broussard. For those who really like color, walls covered with these rich tones will make quite a statement.
But for the more conservative approach, jewel tones are being used as accent pieces. Compliment your neutral wall color with an emerald chair, amethyst throw or navy blue curtains to add a luxurious yet cozy depth to the room. 


Human beings are drawn to engagement through touch and this current trend plays to that sense. Although previously seen as a statement piece from the past, velvet is making a comeback – in fashion and interiors. From contemporary to traditional, any furniture piece covered in velvet will always work and be in style for years to come. It’s also an added bonus that velvet happens to be stunning in trending jewel tones as well. 


Burnished metals seem to be taking an exit and making way for warmer, earthier shades of brass, copper and bronze to take over. Although previously considered old fashioned, there has been a rapid rise in demand for yellow and orange metals. Popular finishes, like antique brass, German bronze and antique bronze, have a lovely patina and become more attractive over time. From kitchen hardware to faucets and light fixtures, these warm tones will compliment neutral wall and tile colors beautifully while adding a subtle bling.

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