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Books - April 2017

04/07/2017 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

Book Review 

By Ray Saadi



By Tim Gautreaux (Knopf $26.95)

Gautreaux’s stories will draw you in with the first lines and his many remarkable characters: The Furnace Man who braves a raging winter storm to restart a broken furnace and save a young boy’s life; the Piano Tuner who tries his hand at matchmaking a young widow with a newcomer; an obviously (to police) drunk woman who it turns out has just had a root canal. I loved them all, especially the one about an amateur novelist who goes looking for the man who gave him a bad Amazon review. If you’ve never read Gautreaux before, this collection will introduce you to a superb storyteller. 



By James Patterson  & Candice Fox (Little, Brown $28)

Patterson never fails to find talented co-writers to help keep churning out intriguing mysteries. In this one, a new character, Harry Blue, is faced with a dilemma: her brother is arrested and charged with murdering three women. Harry, who’s experienced in solving such cases, can’t help. To shield the force from favoritism, she’s sent off to a desert location to solve the case of a missing person. What she finds there may have her go missing, too.

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