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Books - March 2017

03/10/2017 08:23AM ● By Robert Frey

More Titles for Your Reading Pleasure

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor



By James Gleick (Pantheon $26.95)

What time is it? Have you got time? It’s about time! We talk a lot about time, but what is it? Does time pass? Or is it we who pass through time?  In this fascinating book Gleick traces time through history beginning with H.G. Wells’ fantastic story “The Time Machine” and continuing through novels, movies and scientific studies over the years. You’ll even learn why and when Daylight Savings time began (and by the way, where did that hour go?) 



(Pegasus $19.70)

Seventeen excellent mysteries, each inspired by paintings of Edward Hopper. Among the authors are Stephen King, Lee Child and Editor Lawrence Block. The Hopper reproductions are inspiring indeed.

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