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Books - Tick Tock

03/03/2017 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey


By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor



By Richard Beard (Melville House $25.99)

Here’s a detective story for the ages. Author Beard combines historical facts and vivid imagination to craft a devilish fantasy.  Imagine the Roman Government, alarmed at the growing number of followers of Jesus, assigns aging detective, Gallio, to prove Jesus did not die on the cross and is being hidden by his apostles. Armed with modern day resources: fingerprints, DNA, cell phones and fast cars, he must prove the resurrection never happened and so, must get at least one apostle to confess. Incredibly, the apostles are killed one by one before he can question them. If you suspend your disbelief and stretch your imagination, you’ll find this novel entertaining and provocative.


By Becky Eldredge (Loyola Press) 

If you’ve found the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius too daunting and time consuming, you’ll appreciate the five steps described in Becky Eldredge’s book. As Father Mark E. Thibodeaux of Grand Coteau says in the foreword, St. Ignatius gives great latitude to those seeking to master the Spiritual Exercises to find alternate paths. Author Eldredge suggests several paths to complete the Examen, the heart of Ignatius’ exercises.

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