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02/20/2017 08:09AM ● Published by Robert Frey

Gallery: Setting The Scene For Your Wedding Day [4 Images] Click any image to expand.

Setting The Scene For Your Wedding Day

By Michelle Perron

Flower arraignments pictured designed by Root Floral Designs

Every bride imagines herself as a vision worthy of turned heads and a beaming bridegroom. But the visions that brides strive to create aren’t limited to that conjured by a carefully selected wedding gown. The wedding of your dreams requires setting a scene, and that means planning for the key details of décor and flowers. These elements can enhance your guests’ experience and enjoyment—not to mention those wedding photos you’ll view for years to come.

We canvassed area experts and national sources for practical suggestions about developing a plan for the look and feel of your big day. How can you turn that image in your head into reality? The first step is fine-tuning it …

Sharpen Your Focus

Since he popped the question, how many times have you pinned a photo or image to your wedding Pinterest board? Whether your board is a wide-ranging mélange of concepts and colors or something less unwieldy, it’s time to bring things into focus.

Enlist the help of a friend or relative whom you think has a good eye. (And if you don’t have such a person in your life, consider hiring a wedding consultant or someone with design expertise to provide honest feedback.) Together, look at the wedding imagery that has appealed to you thus far. What items, patterns, textures or colors repeat themselves? Which styles appear more than once? The fact that you have gravitated toward them is a nod to what might be your ideal visual presentation.

Whether your leanings are toward a rustic bohemian vibe at an outdoor ceremony and reception or an elegant black-tie experience at a swanky country club, select an approach and stick to it. Changing your mind each time you talk to a vendor will only lead to frustration and, very likely, money wasted. You’ll be making deposits and all types of commitments very early in the process, so the clearer your wedding scene plan is, the more likely it is that you will be able to successfully create it.

Making Your Budget

Before you start visiting potential sites and vendors, it’s a good idea to do some Internet research about general pricing, so that you can develop a working budget. The websites for relevant individual businesses in Acadiana may provide useful preview information (see the advertisers who have supported this bridal section), but consider doing some additional research to better understand the landscape. Informative websites for engaged couples range from The Knot ( to My Wedding ( to Wedding Wire (

The information you gather in your preview research will help ensure that you aren’t surprised by what you find when you get out and visit potential vendors. Enter the process with a slightly flexible budget in mind, so that you can make adjustments based on what excites you once you start talking with the people who will help create the magical scene you envision.

Expert Advice

The Acadiana area features a wealth of choices to provide the wedding décor and flowers that will set the ideal scene for your big day. Today’s wedding vendors are often multidimensional, eliminating the need for brides to parcel out their tasks and spending.

Frank Gerami, president of Party Central (, explains that to work effectively with vendors, “it is beneficial to have an idea of what look and style you would like for your wedding and to know your budget. With that information, a vendor can effectively assist in accomplishing what you are hoping to achieve.” 

Party Central has provided tent rental and party rental supplies for more than 18 years, but goes beyond the basics to meet many of the needs associated with all types of events, including weddings. “We recognize the importance that your event be produced flawlessly, so we work with you to provide all the party rentals and services you will need to make that happen,” the company’s website states.

“It’s also important to get recommendations,” Gerami says. “It is important to choose vendors that are established and can provide references.”

Hannah Trahan, owner of Southern Couture Weddings in Youngsville (, advises brides to balance their beautiful vision of the event with a strong dose of realistic expectations. “Have pictures of what you want, but realize that most photos are staged. For example, those beautiful candles with no covering won’t actually stay lit for the wedding, so the design may have to change slightly.”

When it comes to flowers, it’s important to build trust into the process, Trahan advises. “Know what you want, but be flexible and allow the florist to help you achieve your look realistically,” she says. “If the flowers you have your heart set on are out of season, it could cost you drastically more. And there is most likely a similar alternative that will achieve the same look.”

Leona Sue’s Florist in Scott ( is one of the Acadiana area florists who has drawn high praise on The Knot, recently earning the “Best of Weddings Winner” designation. One comment noted that Leona Sue’s Florist had successfully met the diverse requests of several family members: “The varieties included a bride who loved everything pink and pearls, one who was classic and elegant, one who wanted a beach theme, and one who wanted a natural old-world theme. Each time the brides were completely satisfied and the service was impeccable!”

The selection of your florist and décor provider starts a working relationship. You should feel confident that the vendor understands your desires for the event—and your budget. Speaking of spending, this year’s trends don’t require that you break the bank creating the wedding scene you desire.

2017 Trends

A quick web search for wedding trends in 2017 brings up everything from heavy-handed use of metallic textiles and furnishings to ample doses of pink—specifically in a dusty rose shade. You might even see wedding scenes organized around unique presentations of vintage designs and hues. Many of these can be achieved with items secured at Acadiana area shops such as Royal Standard ( and Paul Michael Company ( in Lafayette, and Chateaux Rustique in New Iberia (

“In 2017, the trend is moving to ‘over-the-top’ presentations,” Trahan said. “Expect large floral arrangements, striking linens and beautiful lighting.”

No matter what your vision for your wedding, you have plenty of experts and vendors in the area to help turn it into reality. However, the most important thing about your wedding day is this alone: You’re married!

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