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Books: Love, War And Politics

01/30/2017 08:51AM ● By Robert Frey

By Raymond “Ray” Saadi — Book Editor



By Tyler Bridges and Jeremy Alford 

(The Lisburn Press $26.95)

Who would have ever thought it – a virtually unknown Democrat House Member defeating a well-known, (too well known perhaps), incumbent Republican U.S. Senator, for Louisiana Governor? Despite all odds, John Bell Edwards, a small town legislator from the North Shore, defeated front-runner, David Vitter, accusing him of choosing “prostitutes over patriots.” That last referring to Vitter’s consorting with females for hire. Louisiana politics can be ugly, fascinating and even, funny, but we love it. 



By James Hamblin (Doubleday ($26.95)

If our bodies could talk, how would they answer? For example, “Does drinking alcohol really kill brain cells?” “Why does scratching feel good?” or “Why do stomachs rumble?” The author, a writer and editor at The Atlantic magazine, obviously took great joy in researching and writing about ordinary conditions you might wonder about, but would never bother to ask your doctor. It’s just plain fun to read, too.

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