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From the Publisher: January 2017

01/06/2017 07:00AM ● Published by Christy Quebedeaux

Optimistic About 2017

By Art Suberbielle

This New Year ushers in some very significant changes for us. We’ll see a new President taking office, as well as a new Mayor for the City of New Iberia beginning his first term. Both of these leaders will have a profound impact on our lives. 

President-elect Trump’s administration promises to bring about significant changes. His recent statements about making America energy independent is cause for all of us to rejoice. A move like this would greatly accelerate the resurgence of our oil and gas industry. He also has promised to move quickly to remove burdensome restrictions placed on all business interests, including the energy sector. Such a move can’t help but stimulate investment in businesses, both large and small, and create more jobs.

 He also has been quite outspoken about NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. He has pointed out that it is a horrible agreement that has resulted in many manufacturing jobs to be moved into Mexico and other Central American countries. Several  industries here in south Louisiana have suffered as a result  of this agreement. Remember all of the people who lost jobs when Fruit of the Loom closed its plants and moved south? Sugar imports coming across the border have helped keep prices down for our farmers. And oil and gas imports have long plagued our local industry. If the President-elect is successful at re-negotiating this agreement, we will reap huge benefits here. 

Freddie DeCourt has a number of interesting challenges facing him as the new Mayor, not the least of which is managing a smaller budget. With sales tax revenues down, he will have to juggle finances to continue to provide essential services. Another major hurdle for the new Mayor will be how the city will handle police protection. The contract with Sheriff Louis Ackal is up for re-negotiation. 

I’m optimistic that our newly elected leaders will bring fresh approaches to dealing with our problems and find effective solutions that will benefit us all. Happy New Year to all of our loyal readers and friends. 

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