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Curl Up with a Good Book

11/28/2016 10:46AM ● By Robert Frey

By Ray Saadi, Book Editor




By Lee Child (Delacorte Press $28.99)

Jack Reacher, tough ex army military policeman who, in his previous 19 adventures, took on the best of the worse villains and quickly dispatched them. But, when the FBI, CIA and National Security Council call on him to help discover what an American soldier has for which foreign agents will pay $100 million, they only get in his way. This case doesn’t give readers the Reacher we like best when he works alone.


By Sandra Brown  (Grand Central $26)

Brown keeps fans reading in circles, pulling situations out of her hat, defying readers to guess the outcome of her novels. In “Sting,” two hit men sitting in a bar in (of all places), Terrebonne Parish, discussing their victim, when she actually walks into the place and takes a stool near them. Things soon get out of hand. One hit man takes a hit, the other gets away with the intended victim, and …the sting begins.

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