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From the Publisher: November 2016

11/11/2016 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

By Cherry Fisher May

As Acadiana LifeStyle celebrates 29 years, a slow transition is underway. Over a year ago, founders Art and Connie Suberbielle approached my husband Steve, our publishing partner Odie Terry and me about their retirement plans. Our collective careers and business ventures have intertwined off and on through the decades and once again this opportunity seemed a good fit. We had one condition, though: that Art was to keep his column in this space for as long as he wanted. While he’s not quite ready to give it up completely, he asked me to take a turn in this issue. I am honored.

So what to say? Since the biggest shopping season of the year is underway, I can think of no more important message than something that is near and dear to my heart always: Shop Local—not only for the holidays but throughout the year. And with the current headwind in our economy, it’s never been more important than now. 

There are so many reasons for this. From hiring practices to purchasing preferences for business goods and services, it’s well documented that for every dollar, local companies re-spend more locally than their non-local counterparts. Numerous studies over many types of industries indicate that locally owned businesses outperform non-local ones as economic multipliers by two to four fold and are also more likely to contribute to local causes, have a lower environmental impact, offer greater job stability, require less infrastructure investment and preserve the unique, distinctive character of their communities.

The preservation of community character is especially important in a place like Acadiana, where we depend greatly on our unique culture for the success of our tourism, an important segment of the local economy.  This issue of LifeStyle is chock full of great local options, so go ahead. Turn the page and start shopping!

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