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Election Day 2016

10/18/2016 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

The ever-looming 2016 Presidential election will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8. In addition, there are ballots to be cast for those closer to home. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of candidates from our five-parish coverage area, the statewide elections and the 2016 proposed constitutional amendments.


U.S. Senator

Beryl Billiot - No Party 

Charles Boustany - Republican 

Forster Campbell  - Democrat 

“Joseph” Cao - Republican 

Thomas P. Clements - Libertarian 

Donald “Crawdaddy” Crawford - Republican 

David Duke - Republican 

Derrick Edwards - Democrat 

Caroline Fayard - Democrat 

John Fleming - Republican 

Le Roy Gillam - Libertarian 

Troy Hebert - No Party 

John Kennedy - Republican 

Gary Landrieu - Democrat 

William Robert “Bob” Lang Jr. - Other 

“Rob” Manes - Republican 

Kaitlin Marone - No Party 

Charles Marsala - Republican 

MV “Vinny” Mendoza - Democrat 

Abhey Patel - Republican 

Joshua Pellerin - Democrat 

Gregory Taylor Jr. - Other 

Arden Wells - No Party 

Peter Williams - Democrat 

U.S. Representative 3rd Congressional District 

Scott A. Angelle - Republican 

Bryan Barrilleaux - Republican 

“Greg” Ellison - Republlican 

Brett Geymann - Republican 

Jacob “Dorian Phibian” Hebert - Democrat 

Clay Higgins - Republican 

Guy McLendon - Libertarian 

Larry Rader - Democrat 

“Gus” Rantz - Republican 

Grover Joseph Rees - Republican 

Kenny P. Scelfo Sr. - No Party 

Herman L. Vidrine - Republican


Iberia Parish

PSC District 4

“Mike” Francis - Republican 

Reldon Owens - Republican 

Mary Werner - Democrat 

School Board District 6

Kim Eames Lockett - Democrat 

“Mike” Mayeux - Democrat  

Mayor Of New Iberia  

Roy Crews III - Libertarian 

“Freddie” Decourt - Republican 

Steven Stansbury - No Party  

Mayor Of Delcambre 

Pam Blakely - Other 

Carol Broussard - Democrat  

Mayor Of Loreauville 

Oran Broussard Sr. - Democrat 

Brad Clifton - Republican  

Chief Of Police Delcambre 

James Broussard - Democrat 

Council Member At Large, New Iberia 

Dan Doerle - Republican 

David J. Merrill Jr. - Democrat 

Alderman District 1, Delcambre 

Madison Saunier - Republican 

Amanda “Mandy” Thibodeaux - No Party 

Alderman District 3, Delcambre 

Timothy “Slim” Derise - Other 

Aldermen, Loreauville 

Eric Borne - Republican 

Sandy Sonnier - Republican 

Council Member District 1, New Iberia

Quentin “Jude” Desormeaux - No Party 

Natalie Lopez-Robin - Republican 

Council Member District 2, New Iberia 

Marlon “Marlo” Lewis - Democrat 

Benjamin T. Meyers - Other 

“Tommy” Volter - Democrat 

Felina Wesley - No Party 

Council Member District 3, New Iberia

David N. Broussard Sr. - Democrat 

Paul Camacho - No Party 

“Pat” Grisaffe - Republican 

Council Member District 4, New Iberia 

Bernard E. Broussard - Republican 

Deidre Ledbetter - Democrat 

Council Member District 5, New Iberia 

Sherry Guidry - Democrat 

Raymond “Shoe-Do” Lewis - Democrat 

Council Member District 6, New Iberia 

Dustin Suire - Republican 

Lafayette Parish

Assoc. Justice Supreme Court, 3rd Supreme Court District 

Marilyn Castle - Republican 

James “Jimmy” Genovese - Republican 

St. Mary Parish 

Mayor of Morgan City 

Frank “Boo” Grizzaffi - No Party 

Council Member District A, Franklin 

Jaime B. Robinson - No Party

Councilman District 1, Morgan City

Tim T. Hymel - No Party  

Councilman District 2, Morgan City

Dean S. Adams - No Party 

Mark A. Stephens - Republican 

Councilman District 3, Morgan City 

“Ron” Bias - Democrat 

Joshua Loupe - No Party  

Councilman District 4, Morgan City

James R. Fontenot II - Republican 

Thomas “Tommy” Minton - No Party  

Councilman District 5, Morgan City

Louis J. Tamporello - Democrat 

Vermilion Parish 

Assoc Justice Supr Court, 3rd Supr Court District 

Marilyn Castle - Republican 

James “Jimmy” Genovese - Republican  

PSC District 4 

“Mike” Francis - Republican 

Reldon Owens - Republican 

Mary Werner - Democrat  

Member Of School Board District H 

“Chris” Hebert - Democrat 

Kristy Hebert - No Party  

Mayor Of Delcambre  

Pam Blakely - Other 

Carol Broussard - Democrat 

Chief Of Police, Delcambre

James Broussard - Democrat  

Alderman District 1, Delcambre 

Madison Saunier - Republican 

Amanda “Mandy” Thibodeaux - No Party

Alderman District 2, Delcambre 

Donald Shelvin Jr. - Democrat

Sarah A. Trahan - Democrat  

Alderman District 3, Delcambre

Timothy “Slim” Derise - Other  

Alderman District 4, Delcambre 

Donald “Phonse” Martin - Democrat 

 Alderman District D, Kaplan 

Melissa L. Guidry - Democrat 

Alderman of Erath 

Taylor Mencacci - Republican 

Michael “Mike” Richard - Democrat  

2016 Proposed Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Amendment No. 1

Act No. 677, House Bill No. 459, Regular Session, by Representative Danahay and Senator Walsworth 

Do you support an amendment to provide that the manner of appointment for the registrar of voters in each parish is as provided by law and to require the qualifications of the registrar to be provided by law? 

(Amends Article XI, Section 5)

Proposed Amendment No. 2

Act No. 680, Senate Bill No. 80, Regular Session, by Senator Morrish 

Do you support an amendment to authorize the postsecondary education management boards to establish the tuition and mandatory fee amounts charged by institutions under their supervision and management, without legislative approval?   

(Adds Article VIII, Section 7.2) 

Proposed Amendment No. 3

Act No. 31, House Bill No. 31, First Extraordinary Session, by Representative Leger 

Do you support an amendment to eliminate the deductibility of federal income taxes paid in computing state corporate income taxes?

(Effective January 1, 2017) (Amends Article VII, Section 4(A))

Proposed Amendment No. 4

Act No. 678, House Bill No. 505, Regular Session, by Representatives Mike Johnson, Amedee, Bagley, Barras, Berthelot, Billiot, Bishop, Bouie, Broadwater, Chad Brown, Carmody, Robby Carter, Steve Carter, Danahay, Davis, Devillier, Edmonds, Emerson, Foil, Garofalo, Gisclair, Guinn, Hensgens, Hilferty, Hodges, Hoffmann, Horton, Howard, Ivey, Miguez, Dustin Miller, Pylant, Richard, Stokes, and Thibaut

Do you support an amendment to authorize an exemption from ad valorem property tax for the total assessed value of the homestead of an unmarried surviving spouse of a person who died while on active duty as a member of the armed forces of the United States of the Louisiana National Guard, or while performing their duties as a state police, law enforcement, or fire protection officer? 

(Effective December1, 2016) (Adds Article VII, Section 21 (M))

Proposed Amendment No. 5

Act No. 679, House Bill No. 603, Regular Session, by Representatives Leger, Bagneris, Bouie, chad Browd, Hall, Lance Harris, Hunter, Ivey, Jackson, Gregory Miller, Jay Morris, Pearson, Schroder, Smith, Stokes, And Thibaut

Do you support an amendment to establish the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund for the deposit of Recurring mineral and corporate tax revenues, to restrict the use of fund to 10% of the balance when the balance reaches $5 billion, to restrict the use of the fund to construction projects and transportation infrastructure, and to allocate recurring mineral revenues to the payment of state employee retirement debt? 

(Adds Article VII, Section 10(F)(4)(h), 10.15, and 10.16) 

Proposed Amendment No. 6

Act No. 681, Senate Bill No. 201, Regular Session, by Senator Allain 

Do you support an amendment to authorize the use of up to five percent of current year appropriations or allocations from statutorily or certain constitutionally created funds or up to one percent of the current year’s balances in certain constitutionally created funds to eliminate a projected deficit in the next fiscal year if the official forecast for the next fiscal year is less than the official forecast for the current fiscal year or if the official forecast has been reduced by at least one percent from the most recently adopted estimate for the ensuing fiscal year, and to exempt certain funds and mandates from being used to eliminate a projected deficit?

(Amends Article VII, Section 10(F)(2)(b); adds Article VII< Section 10(F)(4)(h), (i), (j), (k), and (l))

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