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From Louisiana To Heaven

09/09/2016 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey

By Ray Saadi — Book Editor


God And the Afterlife

By Jeffrey Long M.D. Harper One $25.99

Can science prove God’s existence?
Yes, according to the author, a radiation oncologist and near-death experience (NDE) expert in Houma, La. In his new study of over 4,000 persons, he cites the experiences of hundreds who described encounters with God after being pronounced dead or near dead.  “Medically speaking,” Dr. Long says, “near-death experiences should be impossible” …since they “generally occur when the NDErs are so physically compromised that they are unconscious, comatose or clinically dead.” Yet, according to him, they still do occur.
There’s more on the subject from Dr. Penny Sartori, PhD in her book, “What is a Near Death Experience?” (Watkins $12.95). Sartori’s 20-year experience in Intensive Care in UK hospitals confirms much of Long’s studies. Interestingly enough, she cites his work as a reference for her book. Although not as many personal experiences cited, she does have one celebrity, actress Sharon Stone, who relates hers. Read and decide. 


By Joe Hill, William Morrow $28.99

Ever since he scared the living daylights out of me with his debut novel, “Heart-Shaped-Box,” I’ve been a fan of Joe Hill’s novels. My admiration continues with his latest thriller in which a mysterious stranger, “The Fireman,” appears to aid people affected by worldwide spores that spontaneously cause people to suddenly catch fire. A dedicated nurse, Harper Grayson, steadfastly refuses to abandon the hospital where she tends to patients even at risk of her life and that of her unborn infant. Her husband, certain that she has infected him, deserts her, leaving her to depend for her life only on The Fireman.