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Forensic Conclusions

08/30/2016 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

By: Ray Saadi, Book Editor


By Stephen King, Scribner $30

In this satisfying conclusion to the trilogy that began with the deliberate automobile rampage into a crowd of innocent people in “MR. MERCEDES”, followed by the capture of the madman, Brady Hartsfield, in “FINDERS KEEPERS”, we now find him a mere vegetable confined to a hospital room staring into space. Readers learn quickly, however, that he’s shamming and has developed telekinetic powers that allow him to enter the minds of others to perform his deadly wishes, especially to pay back retired Detective Bill Hodges who’s responsible for his imprisonment. 


By Jefferson Bass, William Morrow $26.99

Before CSI, there was the Body Farm, a research facility at the University of Tennessee, created by Dr. Bill Brockton to use forensics to solve crimes. In this prequel to the popular series, writers Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, writing as Jefferson Bass, explore the Body Farm’s early beginnings. Police, seeing certain similarities to Dr. Brockton’s past cases in murders that continue to turn up, begin to point more and more to Brockton himself, until it becomes obvious someone is planning to kill the doctor.



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