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Put a Ring on It

08/26/2016 08:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

By Shanna Perkins

No two brides are created equal – and their engagement rings shouldn’t be either. Each year brings with it a transition in jewelry styles, wedding rings included. And while it’s important to stay current and modern, it’s never a good idea to put a “best by” date on one of the most important & symbolic pieces of jewelry there is. The experts weigh in on what’s in style and how to properly execute the look.

The Popular Crowd 

A flair for the dramatics. Dianna Rae High, Owner of Dianna Rae Jewelry, jewelry designer and diamond and gem specialist, has seen a big push toward vintage rings with attention grabbing details. “The Edwardian-style vintage halo ring is very popular style right now with large accent diamonds surrounding the center stone,” High explains. “Add milgrain to the scalloped edges for a floral motif. Hand engraved styles are also very popular right now with embellishments such as scrolls and filigree.” 

Keep it Clean.  COO, diamond expert and jewelry designer of Armentor Jewelry Mike Armentor explains that he’s seen an increase in clients looking for clean and contemporary ring designs. “While halo styles with many small diamonds surrounding a center stone still remain strong, we are starting to see interest in cleaner, contemporary looks with larger, stand alone center stones,” Armentor explains. “We’re seeing request for a single diamond in the middle with slightly larger diamonds in the band set with a shared prong design. The classic solitaire ring, which never goes out of style, is also very popular lately.”

Mix it up. The use of colored stones and even varying colored metals has been a popular choice for some time and this continues to grow. “A trend towards the organic and nature inspired jewelry includes colored diamonds and gemstones, often with a hammered or oxidized finish,” clarifies High.

Armentor has noticed the increased desire for nontraditional stones and metals with his clients as well. “Not only are we seeing much more yellow and rose gold rings being made than in the past, but some couples are choosing gemstones over traditional white diamonds. Stones like champagne diamonds, peach sapphires, morganites and emeralds have been recent choices.” 


Don’t Be Basic 

The best way to ensure you get the look and style you want at a high quality is work closely with a professional jewelry designer. As Armnetor points out, this route can also be less expensive because you control every aspect of the design and manufacturer. So, if you want a look that is trending, how do avoid looking like everyone else? Same answer. Work closely with a professional jewelry designer. 

“With made-to-order engagement rings, you can mix and match components, concepts and styling from multiple rings and combine them into one unique idea,” Armentor continues. “ You also have the ability to add special touches to your ring that will be completely your own.” 

Strike Up The Band

There’s also the matter of the wedding band. While matching engagement ring and wedding band sets are still a convenient and traditional option, the current trend is mixing and matching bands on either side of the engagement ring. 

“The trend right now in ladies’ wedding bands is to stack mismatched bands together around the engagement ring,” says High. “You can mix different colors or metals such as rose or white gold to create your own unique look. The important thing to remember is that matching is not important here.” 

And as easy as it might be to forget, there is another party involved who is going to need a ring also. The groom. Oh yeah, him. And grooms’ rings are taking a huge step into the future and, on the other end of the spectrum, an equally large step into the past. 

“Currently trending for grooms’ wedding bands is alternative metals and wood grain,” High states. “There is also a trend towards going back to the basics of old-fashioned goldsmithing. We have a Make your Own Wedding Band Experience that allows a couple to create and forge their own wedding band in our workshop with our craftsmen.” 

Final Thoughts 

So in a jewelry world where anything is possible, where do you begin? Armentor advises couples to never settle and not to be afraid to ask for help. 

“Spending one night on the Internet doesn’t make you a jewelry or diamond expert, and you don’t have to be to find the perfect ring,” he explains. “Find a professional jeweler who will give you honest accurate information and help guide you through the process. Do interviews with multiple stores until you find someone who you are comfortable with. There are so many nuances in diamond buying and jewelry designing that when you find someone who truly has your best interest at heart it will ultimately provide you the best value, no matter what you choose and no matter your budget.” 

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