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Local Spots To Tie The Knot

08/22/2016 04:32PM ● By Robert Frey

By Shanna Perkins

The beauty and magic of Acadiana lends itself perfectly to serve as the backdrop for what should be the most magnificent and enchanted day of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a charming vintage vibe or an elegant modern space for your nuptials, there are local options that appeal to every bride and groom to be.

Rip Van Winkle Gardens 

5505 Rip Van Winkle Rd., New Iberia 

Angie Gachassin 


Size: The Bayless Center, Rip Van Winkle Gardens’ reception hall, is a 40x80 opened space, consisting of 3,200 square feet. The Bayless Center has ample room for up to 300 guests. 

Ambiance & Lighting: In addition to the natural light offered in the gardens, the Bayless Center features soft, romantic lighting and spotlights to highlight areas such as the dance floor and catering areas. 

Acoustics, Electricity & Parking: Electrical outlets are plentiful and available in convenient areas. The acoustics are wonderful for whatever type of musical entertainment the bride & groom choose. 

Parking: Ample parking is available. 

What Makes Rip Van Winkle Gardens The Ideal Venue? Being situated on the picturesque Lake Peigneur, the historic Joseph Jefferson home and the beautiful gardens offer countless opportunities for couples to make their wedding dreams come true. 

What Sets Rip Van Winkle Gardens Apart? The variety of settings that allows couples to truly make their day their own. Whether they choose a sunset wedding on the lake, a historical wedding in front of the home or a tropical wedding in the gardens, it will be a day they will remember forever. 

Price: Contact Angie Gachassin for package prices. 

Antique Roseville 

2007 North Freyou Rd., New Iberia

Linda D. Freyou 

337-367-3000 & 337-523-5767

Size: Antique Roseville can accommodate up to 200 people or more. There is designated room for eating and a comfortable overflow area into a covered Pavillion. There is also a large brick patio for a 30x40 tent, if needed. 

Ambiance & Lighting: The venue can be very formal or rustic, depending on décor. There is beautiful upright lighting in all trees, the gazebo, arbor and bridge. 

Acoustics, Electricity & Parking: There are several outlets available under the oak trees, porches, the bridge and gazebo, the large room and Pavillion. Acoustics will not disappoint. Ample parking is available. 

What Makes Antique Roseville The Ideal Venue? The bride is only responsible for flowers, cakes, photography and music. Antique Roseville provides the food, bar, set up, service and clean up. Additional services are available if needed. For example, they will arrange all flowers for the tables, sign-in table and buffet table. This service is free to their brides and they pay for only the flowers used. The flowers will be cohesive with the bride’s color scheme. 

What Sets Antique Roseville Apart? Their excellent and large selection of unlimited food, six acres of beautiful and well-manicured grounds, carriage house for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready and for the bride and groom to stay the night. There is also private parking for the bride and groom, excellent service and great employees: 

Standout Feature: Antique Roseville has been in business for 24 years and experiences repeat customers and excellent reviews. They pride themselves on accountability, beautiful grounds, great food and paying attention to every detail. 

Price: Dependent on size of wedding. 

Jungle Gardens 

LA-329, Avery Island 

Katlyn Stanford 


Size: Jungle Gardens is a 170-acre garden and can accommodate an unlimited number of people. Wedding ceremonies can be held anywhere throughout the gardens and is left up to the choosing of the bride and groom. With unlimited space for decorations, guests and dancing, the semitropical garden provides a beautiful backdrop. 

Ambiance & Lighting: The outdoors venue produces natural light, which shines through lush, green oaks, cypress trees and towering colorful bamboo. The rolling landscape consists of seasonal azaleas and camellias contributing to the tranquil, serene and dream-like atmosphere of the gardens. 

Parking: The island has ample paring and can hold any number of guests. 

What Makes Jungle Gardens The Ideal Venue? An array of botanical treasures and countless species of birds will add even more beauty and romanticism to an already beautiful and romantic occasion. The ambiance of Jungle Gardens is the ideal wedding venue, ensuring you and your guests a ceremony that will never be forgotten. 

Price: A wedding with 10 people or less, including the bride, groom, wedding party and officiant, is a total of $250. A nonrefundable down payment of $100 is needed at least two months in advance. A wedding with anymore than 10 people is $700 and requires a down payment of $250 paid no less than two months in advance.

LARC’s Acadian Village 

200 Greenleaf Dr., Lafayette 

Mary Hooks Baudoin 


Size: The Chapel can hold up to 85 people. The Stutes building can hold up to 150 people and the pavilion can comfortably hold 300. There are also two areas for outside weddings for small to large crowds. There are designated areas for eating, dancing and any overflow. However, rooms can be configured as the customer sees fit. The reception venues are blank canvases for setup of any style. 

Ambiance & Lighting : The New Hope chapel is a replica of an 1850 Acadian chapel. It is equipped with modern luxuries such as central AC and heat and electricity. The white walls and high beam ceilings create a rustic and charming non-denominational building. The pavilion is the outdoor venue with a barn and rustic atmosphere. The picnic tables and stage are great for large receptions in the spring and fall. The Stutes building is the enclosed reception hall, perfect for small to medium size groups. It has hardwood floors, a kitchen and bar area with ceiling to floor wall mural that all create an inviting and cozy reception area. 

Acoustics, Electricity and Parking: There are several electrical outlets, good acoustics and ample parking. 

Additional Services: They offer a choice of two bridal suites for the bridal party to gather and prepare for the wedding. They have attendants throughout the duration of the customer setup, event time and move out time to assist with setup and other responsibilities. 

What Make Acadian Village The Ideal Venue? It’s a historic attraction with a mission to preserve Acadian culture. By renting the venues with the village, they spread awareness about customary traditions of Acadian weddings as well as embracing new traditions. 

Standout Feature: The village itself is the standout feature. Seven of the eleven buildings are authentic 19th century homes of the. The iconic chapel is the staple of the village. With the bayou, bridges and historic homes, it’s a wonderful venue for all to enjoy. Wedding guests are encouraged to walk around the village and learn more about Acadian heritage. 

Price: The base price for the chapel is $600. The Stutes building rents for $1,000 and the pavilion rents for $1,500. Packages are available. 

Warehouse 535

535 Garfield St., Lafayette 

Denise Giosa 


Size: The entire indoor facility can hold approximately 650 guests. However, each layout changes this capacity. The venue has done wedding and events for 100-400 with the addition of guest seating. There is a Main Event Room complete with a large stage and event bar. The Rhum Room is the overflow area, which also has a beautiful bar and three individual private guest nooks. In addition to the indoor space, there is a 15,000 square foot porch across the building. 

Ambiance: Warehouse is a one-of-a-kind World War II era railroad warehouse that has been beautifully restored, preserving the building’s integrity, full of lush fixtures, rich textiles and handcrafted wood. 

Acoustics & Electricity: There are several electrical outlets throughout. In addition to a house system that plays both inside and on the porch, Warehouse 535 has a state-of-the-art stage, sound and light system. 

Parking: Warehouse 535 has an adjacent private parking lot, which extends from Garfield to Johnston Street. 

Additional Services Provided: Warehouse 535 has a private event planner that will work with guests on each aspect of their event. They can also provide assistance with entertainment. In addition, guests are allowed to bring in the caterer of their choice. 

What Makes Warehouse 535 The Ideal Venue? It’s like no other space in Lafayette. It provides a warm and inviting setting that will allow you to create a wedding that is unique to the vision of the individual. 

What Sets Warehouse 535 Apart? It’s rustic elegance. Paired with the event bars, large stage featuring sound and LED lighting, 25,00 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, it’s the perfect space for a wedding. 

Price: Main Event Room is $1,500 for the first three hours and $300 for each addition hour. The Rhum Room is separate at $1,500 for a private event or a package pricing when renting the Main Event Room. 

The Manor 

1837 Old Spanish Trail , Hwy 182

Nancy Smith 


Size: Under the roof, the venue is 8,600 square feet. There is an additional 4,000 square feet of covered walk around verandas with seating. There are designated areas for food, dancing and dining with the overflow onto the verandas. 

Ambiance & Lighting: The Manor has more than 100 candles in and around the venue as well as torches outdoors around the fountain. The candles, provided by the venue, on the guest tables give the tablecloths an iridescent shimmer. The Manor has an elegant look and feel. 

Acoustics, Electricity & Parking: There are more than needed electrical outlets and on the dance floor, it is wired on a different circuit so large bands have no trouble hooking up. The dance floor has great sound while other areas are quieter so guests can speak. Two acres of parking are provided. 

Additional Services Provided: The Manor specializes in service to the bride, groom and family. An attendant is initially provided to get drinks for the bride, groom and their parents. The assistant continues to care for the bride and groom during the reception by serving them when they are ready to eat, getting drinks, loading all of the gifts and any extra food into their vehicle. The Manor also coordinates all onsite weddings, figuring our where bridal parties and family members will walk and where they should be seated. They work with the DJs or musicians for the ceremony, making sure the sound is perfect. 

What Makes The Manor The Ideal Venue? At not additional charge, The Manor provides beautiful tablecloths, chair covers, gorgeous centerpieces, toasting glasses for the wedding party and bride and groom, cakes knives and silver platters for the cakes and easels for portraits and other pictures. 

What Sets The Manor Apart? “Our service sets us above the rest. Also, our food and liquor prices are less expensive than anyone else I know of,” Nancy Smith, The Manor. 

Price: Dependent on guest count. 


300 Fisher Rd., Lafayette 

Millicent Norbert

337-233-4077 ext. 208 

Size: Vermilionville’s chapel can hold 100 people. Smaller receptions can be accommodated in the restaurant and larger receptions can be held in the Performance Center, which hold 350 people. In the event of good weather, the walls of the Performance Center can be pushed open and the event can spill into the courtyard. The Performance Center provides an all-in-one venue for eating, dancing and crowd overflow. 

Ambiance & Lighting: Vermilionville is rustic with a historic feel, strolling down candle-lit, moss-draped pathways to the 18th century-style Creole chapel is a step back in time. Original Acadian homes with a variety of native Louisiana flora provide a unique backdrop for photos and the cypress wood floor of the Performance Center is perfect for dancing under the globe string lights. 

Acoustics & Parking: Vermilionville also serves as a live music venue, so the acoustics are great. Ample parking is available. 

Additional Services: Vermilionville is a true full-service destination. The picturesque surroundings are perfect for engagement, bridal and wedding photos. There is also a bridal suite where the bride can prepare for her big day. Add-ons include golf carts and chauffeurs to bring elderly and disabled guests around the facilities, security guards, sound technicians, remote bars, projectors and screen, backdrops and linen tablecloths. The onsite catering service provides delicious and authentic Cajun and Creole dishes for every wedding. 

What Makes Vermilionville The Ideal Venue? The entire 23-acre historic village and folklife park is available to bridal parties and guests. They will enjoy scenic strolls throughout the park’s historic homes and lush gardens on their way to the chapel. No outside vendor or rental services are required. 

What Sets Vermilionville Apart? The friendly staff, full-service facility and charming setting. 

Standout Feature: Vermilionville’s chapel, La Chapelle des Attakapas, is a reproduction of the style based on the Catholic churches in the rural Creole communities of Pointe Coupe, 1760, and St. Martinville, 1773. 

Price: Minimum of $3,200 on food and beverage and $700 rental for 4 hours. Chapel rental is $600

The Shadows

317 East Main St., New Iberia 

Patricia Kahle 


Size: The Shadows consist of 2 ½ acres gardens that can accommodate 400 people. The Shadows gardens are divided into five different “rooms,” which can accommodate different sized functions. However, clients can use some or all of the “rooms” as they choose. 

Lighting & Ambiance: The Shadows Garden contains century-old Live Oaks located on the Bayou Teche. According to season, there are blooming Crape Myrtles, Camellias, Azaleas and Magnolias. For evening events there is landscape lighting in the trees and on garden statues. 

Electricity, Acoustics & Parking: There are plenty of electrical outlets and good acoustics. Parking is available at the Shadows Visitor Center parking lot across from the Shadows, on Main Street and adjacent to the Shadows on Weeks Street. 

Additional Services: Brides who get married at The Shadows will have their bridal photo fees waived. There is also the convenience of an onsite kitchen for the caterer. 

What Makes The Shadows The Ideal Venue? The lovely garden setting requires very little in the way of flowers and other decorations. 

What Sets The Shadows Apart? It’s location on Main Street, New Iberia makes it easily accessible with parking lots and on-street parking for guests. But once they step through The Shadows front gate, they enter one of Louisiana’s most beautiful historic sites, with moss-draped Live Oaks overlooking the Bayou Teche.

Standout Feature: The beautiful Shadows-on-the-Teche, a notional historic landmark, creates a stunning backdrop for all of the couple’s wedding pictures. 

Price: $500 per hour with a minimum two-hour rental. 

Iberia Parish Recreation 

Lisa Francis 


Size: Willow Wood Multi-Purpose Building – 6,800 square feet, Francis Romero Memorial Building – 4,5,00 square feet, Camp Knighton Building – 3,000 square feet, Harold Landry Memorial Building – 6,000 square feet, King Jospeh Recreation Center – Auditorium 4,000 square feet and Gym 7,000 square feet, Ward 8 Recreation Center – Large Hall 5,000 square feet, Meeting Room A 350 square feet and Meeting Room B 950 square feet. 

Basic Set Up: Willow Wood Multi-Purpose Building: 20-5’ round tables with 10 chairs each – seats 200. Francis Romero Memorial Building: 20-6’ tables, 5 sets on each side, with 12 chairs – seats 120. Camp Knighton Building: 16-6 tables, 4 sets on each side, with 12 chairs – seats 96. Harold Landry Memorial Building: 24-6’ tables, 6 sets on each side, with 12 chairs – seats 144. King Joseph Recreation Center: Gym – 40-8’ tables, 10 on each side, with 14 chairs seats 308. Auditorium – 16-8’ tables, 4 sets on each side, with 12 chairs – seat 96. 

Ambiance & Lighting: The versatility of each hall allows couples to implement the ambiance of their choosing with décor. 

Price: $250-350.