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From the Publisher - Aug. 2016

08/12/2016 07:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

By Art Suberbielle

Do you cast your vote in most elections? Do you take the time to study the issues and find out where the candidates stand on them? Or is your choice made on the basis of party affiliation, familiarity or name recognition?

Too often we hear coffee room conversations about candidates from folks who never take the opportunity to actually vote. Over the last few years, the turnout of registered voters in Louisiana elections has hovered around 40%. When you consider that this is only from the registered voters, it becomes even more obvious how shameful this is.

 The November 6th election ballot will include some very important choices for us. Not only will we be voting for President, but of equal importance, Louisiana will be choosing a new U.S. Senator and a new representative from the 3rd Congressional district. The selection of members of Congress is extremely important as most of the major decisions of government must be approved by both the Senate and the House. 

New Iberia voters also face a formidable task of electing a new mayor. With Mayor Hilda Curry reaching the end of her third term, three candidates have qualified to vie for that office. In these challenging economic times, the choice for Mayor has never been more important. The new Mayor will be dealing with many significant issues such as stimulating economic growth, law enforcement, and infrastructure improvements while working with a dwindling budget. 

Most of you reading this do vote regularly. But now we have to be more politically proactive than ever. Each of us must encourage all of our family, friends, and associates to register now to vote this fall. Then we need to study the issues and the candidates’ positions. Actively support those who you feel will best represent us.  

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