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Books: A Look Back

07/08/2016 07:00AM ● By Robert Frey
By Ray Saadi


Edited by Andrew Blauner, Simon and Shuster $27

“The Good Book” is an excellent collection of reflections on The Good Book, the Holy Bible, by 32 prominent writers, novelists, media figures and social activists, writing about Bible passages that are meaningful to them. Some like Cokie Roberts and her husband Steven V. Roberts, Catholic and Jewish, reflecting on Exodus 2 and proclaiming their mixed marriage shows “that Catholics and Jews make good matches. We’re both equally good at loyalty and guilt.”  “A Interpretation of the Shepherd’s Psalm 23” by Lydia Davis finds that what made this psalm so memorable to believers and non-believers are “the valley of the shadow of death,” “fear no evil,” “thou are with me,” “comfort me.” Reverend Al Sharpton, too, chooses the Psalms as his favorite, saying that for him, they “have the best of what religion has to offer.” Readers will not agree with the opinion of all the writers, but they may find a new outlook on the scriptures.


By Lawrence Goldstone, Ballantine $28

Prepare for the ride of your life as you return to the turn of the century and witness the furious battle between Henry Ford and George Selden, Selden being the man who designed the first combustible engine. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t fund its building, his only consolation, his patent. Henry Ford, on the other hand had spent considerable time following car shows and the foreign racecars from Benz and Peugeot among others. Ford could imagine cars and trucks made for the common man and farmers. He made that dream a reality.  Goldstone’s book reads like the finest fiction, but is loaded with revelations and facts not so well known before.

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