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A Way With Words

06/03/2016 08:00AM ● Published by Robert Frey

By Ray Saadi – Book Editor


Edited by Michelle Feynman, Princeton Press $24.95

Dr. Feynman ruffled the feathers of many members of the Rogers Commission studying the Challenger tragedy when he declared the O-rings were at fault, unable to handle the low temperatures at launch. That brought Feynman and his prolific writings to the attention of the reading public fascinated with his, more often than not, accessible and wonderfully enlightening discourses.  He was, after all, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, yet he wrote often with great lucidity and humor, much of which is on display in this collection.



By Leilen Shelton, Scholastic Books $10.99

This slim book of synonyms created by the author during her first year as a middle school teacher was intended for Grades 4-8, but soon gained popularity with teachers in other grades. An unintended and unexpected use is its quick and easy way to brighten up all kinds of writing and speech, not just for school children, but anyone; business people, writers, advertising and more.

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