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Books: Eerie Anecdotes

05/17/2016 08:17AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi — Book Editor


By Matt Marinovich, Doubleday $24.95

What’s that old saying, “Curiosity kills the cat”? But, sadly, satisfaction does not bring it back. Not in this chilling tale of young Scott and Elise, a married couple staying at her father’s house in the Hampton’s while Dad lies dying in the local hospital. Scott is intrigued by a nightly event at the house next door. Although vacant, a light goes off in an upstairs bedroom every night at precisely eleven o’clock and when curiosity gets the better of him, Scott breaks in to find out why. What he finds terrifies him and wife Elise, as their lives tumble into unbelievable horrors.


By James Patterson & Mark Sullivan, Little, Brown $28

Jack Morgan, Founder and owner of Private, the renowned global security and investigative agency, wraps up a European business trip with a short visit to his Paris office, or so he thought. Once there he gets an urgent call from his client Sherman Wilkerson asking him to find his granddaughter who has escaped the clutches of a brutal drug dealer and is on the run, to where no one knows. Somehow her disappearance is tangled up with the murder of several Parisian elites, their deaths linked by a mysterious graffiti symbol that baffles French police who reluctantly turn to Jack for help.

In Print, Today Mark Sullivan PRIVATE PARIS Matt Marinovich THE WINTER GIRL

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