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Books: Deception

05/13/2016 07:53AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi — Book Editor


By Michael Connelly, Little, Brown $28

Author Connelly has really crossed the line by incredibly casting his famous LAPD detective, Harry Bosch with his equally famous defense attorney, Lincoln Lawyer Mickey Haller. True, Bosch has retired from the police department and Haller, his half brother, desperately needs his help in proving the innocence of his client now in jail. Still, it’s a stretch for the cop to help the lawyer beat the cops. Connelly gives it his all; darn good detective work; dirty cops and an exciting courtroom battle. 


By Nicolas Searle, Harper $27.99

Veteran con artist Roy is a born liar and to call him a “Good Liar,” is the ultimate understatement. He lives on the web of lives he spins on innocent and unsuspecting victims usually leaving them with empty promises and pocketbooks. Now in his 70s and considering retirement, he seeks and finds what he believes is the perfect foil for his final fling; wealthy widow Betty.  They meet online and seem to hit it off in person. But then, one can never be sure about this online dating thing, can one?

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