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Bigger Is Better with these Glam Bathrooms

05/13/2016 08:00AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

How To Get The Look Without Knocking Out Your Wall (Or Your Wallet).

By Amanda Jean Harris / Submitted Photos

There was a time when a bathroom was meant for, quite simply, bathing. There was a place to bathe and a toilet and a sink. That time is gone. Function and form are meeting in an entirely new way in today’s bathrooms. Read on to learn how homeowners are taking the powder room to a whole ‘nother level.


“People are all about comfort and are trying to get that spa experience that they pay for somewhere else in their home. They want to bring the spa into their house,” says Nick Milton of Dunn’s Furniture and Interiors. “It’s the luxury they want to bring home.”

And bring it they are. From chandeliers and perfectly appointed art to areas to lounge, the bathroom is fast becoming more of a living room with a toilet and bathtub.

“Bathrooms have become a lot bigger,” says Tanya Zaunbrecher of Zaunbrecher Architecture Design + Interiors. 

She says when homeowners add onto their existing structure it’s now very often including a master suite that includes a larger bathroom as well as a closet space that all flow into each other.

“It’s almost like a show room for your clothes and for getting ready,” she says.

Getting ready is usually the first and last order of the day, which is why Milton says a great spacious bathroom to prepare for the day is worth it for many people willing to splurge on the better bathroom.



“People enjoy that time in the morning with their cup of coffee and doing their makeup and they want to be comfortable. People will pay to make it more comfortable because it’s your home and it’s where you start your day,” Milton says. “If you’re comfortable in the morning and can get yourself together and make yourself feel good in the morning it helps your day and puts you in the right state of mind. People are even putting TVs in their bathrooms and anything they associate with comfortable living.”

While the living room has long been the go-to spot for chilling at the end of the day, the bathroom is fast becoming another area for homeowners to unwind.

“The leisure and the relaxation where you can sit down and put your feet up and enjoy the time you’re spending in all the spaces of the home, not just certain rooms,” Milton says.

For those that enjoy a hot bath at the end of the day these larger bathrooms and newer standard accessories allow for some time to wind down.

“There are little stools that flank the side of the master bath. You can have your glass of champagne or wine or tea and can just lie there and relax. A lot of bathrooms now have casement windows that can you crank open and on an awesome day you can sit in the bath and hear the birds tweet and sip on some tea,” Zaunbrecher says.

Glam Room 

She says bathrooms are the latest room to add to the list of once basic rooms gone glam. 

“The idea of utilitarian spaces are going away and almost every space is celebrated,” she says.

She’s seen more three sided mirrors like the ones seen in department store dressing rooms along with makeup mirrors with special lighting and even washers and dryers. 

“The technologies for these bathrooms … there are touch screens for showers so that you can have the water flow however you want. You can even have it mist you or have patterns. There are motion sensor toilets,” Milton says.

The old standard bathtub and shower combo is nearly extinct for a master bathroom with the new standard exceeding just a separate bathtub and stand up shower.

“A walk-in shower and not just a stall. I mean a walk-in that you go around the corner with no door and there are multiple shower heads,” Milton says.

Zaunbrecher says the walk-ins are great for kids and even pets.

“They are so easy to get in and out of,” she says. 


Little Details 

Accessibility and comfort are at the cornerstone of a luxurious bathroom. Even the most basic elements shouldn’t be overlooked. Milton notes how often even the most well planned bathrooms leave some homeowners wishing they had something as simple as more outlets.

“You almost can’t have too many outlets,” Milton says. “If you have a double sink make sure you have outlets counter height and up to code. You can even conceal them so they are not an eyesore, but you want to make sure your hair dryer reaches.”

While renovation or starting from scratch is certainly ideal, a budget doesn’t always afford that option. To get the living room comes to the bathroom look our experts have a few cost effective tips to turn your basic space into a real boudoir. Milton says start with a neutral foundation. 

If you’re going to paint check prices first because paint can get costly. Also check on the finish of paint and make sure it can endure the unique conditions of a bathroom area.

“When painting make sure it’s a type of paint that isn’t going to be beading up and streaking — some wick away moisture and don’t leave anything behind when the water dries,” Milton says.

Pick a color that’s neutral and add accent colors in other easily changed areas. 

“Light bathrooms. The lighter you can go in the bathroom the better. Especially in new construction they are doing everything so light and it’s less warm,” Milton says. “Grays and blues and more of a gray tonal look and it’s easier to go with something timeless.”

Wallpaper is also an option for a big bang without knocking out a wall. Check the adhesive and make sure you won’t have peeling strips on your hands.

“Change out the wallpaper or the tiles and use a pattern instead of a solid color,” Zaunbrecher says. “Wallpaper can work wonders for a space and tiles are a more permanent change, but it also transforms a space dramatically and the cabinets you can paint them. White is always an easy color and whites and grays are hot.”

And an easy fix can come by way of swapping all the metals in the room. 

“Now it’s brushed nickel,” Milton says. “That can be easy to change out even the faucet can be changed easily. Replace hardware like knobs and pulls.”

Light fixtures are another change that isn’t too costly and it’s just the way to get that glam chandelier into the space. Try playing with finishes as well from gloss to matte to bring variety into the space and accessorize with trendy pops of color to keep things fresh.

“You can throw in pops of colors with towels and a little café curtain that can be easily changed out. I’ve noticed a lot of people incorporating open storage. Floating shelves or built-ins around the tub that have open shelves and storage are important,” Milton says.

In those open areas add beautiful candles, bath salts and pretty jars. Toss in some dramatic and timeless apothecary jars and roll towels in your favorite colors to display.

“You can make it look really different without having to knock down a wall or tear out the floors,” Milton says.

Speaking of floors, if you want to switch it up look for an outdoor rug instead of traditional bath mats for the space. 

“You can get an outdoor rug wet. If you have it outside and can hose it off it can withstand a bathroom and some of them are large, which you need for some of these larger bathrooms,” Milton says.

For another quick change try upgrading the mirror. The bigger the better to create an illusion of a larger space. Add a frame or keep it sleek for a more modern vibe.

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