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Go Bold, Baby

04/19/2016 08:12AM ● Published by Aimee Cormier

By Amanda Jean Harris 

Say bye bye, baby, to the traditional take on the room for your family’s newest little addition. This is not your momma’s nursery filled with rocking horses and pastel hues. The new nursery carries that same whimsical charm with a decidedly modern aesthetic that means both grown ups and little ones can enjoy the look. Bonus: these are the looks that grow with kids — saving money and time down the road. 

We called on two modern-minded camps for input on how to do the nursery in a new way — Tanya Zaunbrecher with Zaunbrecher Designs and Todd Zimmeman of Design by Todd.

Zaunbrecher has a 5-year-old and a house that has a fresh vibe. When her daughter was born five years ago, they lived in a home with a split floor plan and she focused on the basics, but added a unique twist with the color scheme.

“I focused on the basics: crib, comfy rocker, changing area and a dresser. I wanted a simple, girly room. The color palette was a gray/beige wall, black furniture with green and white accessories. I chose black furniture, black and white bedding, Black and white artwork, black chandelier, white curtains, white lamp, a lime green rug and green and black rocker. The room was small and simple and it was decorated accordingly,” she says.

Fast-forward to today and the 5-year-old room is in a new house with new décor. The black furniture is now white and pink and the artwork and bedding are more colorful to reflect the little one’s personality and taste.

“There is space for her toys, her art and the rest of her stuff.  Kids have a lot of stuff!  We try our best to consolidate all of the stuff into a nice and neat vignette or in a closet but it doesn’t always stay that way,” Zaunbrecher says.

Zimmerman says there are several fail-safe ways to make a nursery have more than the average or traditional vibe and it all starts with a fearless take on décor.

“On the walls use two or three dominant colors in the same intensity and use dramatic decals on the walls,” Zimmerman says. “Bold wallpaper is such a designer ‘do.’”

For a traditional but fresh take that will last for years he suggests a stripe on the walls.

“Horizontal stripes are very Ivy League bound and will take you way beyond the early years,” he says. 

When it comes to areas you can skimp or plan to replace look to the window dressings.

“Don’t be married to your drapery here. Kids are rough on them. Look to an online source and not custom drapery and don’t forget blackout lining for naptime,” he says.

For lighting, Zimmerman says have some fun by choosing unique shapes or a sparkling light fixture.

Out Of The Mouths Of Mommas

While the way a nursery looks is all there is to think about pre-baby. Once they arrive,  it’s all about how it actually functions. This momma’s words of advice for the nursery:

Keep it safe. Remove all photos and art from the walls surrounding the crib and place the crib away from the window. While they will be too small to even roll over at first, it won’t be long before they’ll be able to reach for the cord on the blinds or bang on the wall and knock down a photo.

Keep it quiet. Invest in a simple but effectively consistent sound machine that will keep baby sleeping easily when there is outside noise. If your doors are squeaky, get out the WD-40. Keep it dark. Black out curtains keep the little one snoozing through nap times no matter how bright it is outside.

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