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Books: Real Life Drama

04/15/2016 08:37AM ● By Aimee Cormier

By Ray Saadi—Book Editor

THE GOLDEN AGE Of MURDER By Martin Edwards, Harper Collins $27.99

This is all about murders and mysteries and the men and women who wrote stories that challenged readers to solve such crimes. The authors in this book were all members of the “Detection Club,” mostly young and ambitious writers including Agatha Christie, G.K. Chesterton and other notables who met regularly to discuss and even solve real mysteries. Learn the “how to do it” of how they did it in this thoroughly enjoyable look back to these clever writers of the 20s and 30s.

FLIGHT OF DREAMS By Ariel Lawhon, Doubleday $25.95

There’s little chance that someone picking up this book doesn’t already know that it ends with the crash of Flight #3 of the German dirigible airship, Hindenburg. Using the names of actual passengers and crew the author imagines what might have occurred on that fateful flight. It’s historical fiction at its’ best: real people, their names at least, but what happens aboard is all the imagination and creativity of the author. Even knowing the ending doesn’t diminish the suspense.

THE BONE TREE, Greg Iles’ second in his trilogy of Southern mores, murders and mysteries, previously reviewed here, is now available in paperback. William Morrow  $9.99.

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